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WoW Shadowlands player finds genius way to lose weight playing Torghast

Published: 16/Jun/2021 15:57

by Lauren Bergin


World of Warcraft can be quite the workout for your in-game character, but one WoW Shadowlands player has explained how playing through the notorious Torghast dungeon helped them lose weight in real life. 

There’s a lot of things that are pretty terrifying about The Jailer’s Torghast Tower dungeon, the centerpiece of WoW Shadowlands’ twisted realm, The Maw.

One of these is the fact that there’s an awful lot of stairs, considering the iconic dungeon is split across six wings and an insane amount of floors.

While this is likely pretty tiring for your in-game persona, they thankfully don’t affect us in real life. Oddly enough, though, one WoW Shadowlands player has found a productive way of traversing the prison’s hallowed halls.


Shadowlands is introducing a host of new features, including randomly-generated dungeon, "Torghast."
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Situated at the heart of The Maw, it turns out Torghast is just a really scary gym.

WoW Shadowlands player tables evidence

In a heartwarming Reddit post entitled “applying lessons from Torghast to my… diet,” WoW player TheDemonClown has shared their weight loss journey and its connection to the infamous Tower of the Damned.

They posted: “When I first started playing Torghast, I’d get my ass kicked. A lot. Only died once, but I came way closer more often than someone with 15 years in the game should have.

“Then I realized I wasn’t paying attention to the power-ups and decided to get my s**t together. I took the +stat and other raw increases as they came, but I mainly prioritized 3 things: reflective damage, AOE damage, & heal on hit/attack. Suddenly, everything got a lot easier.”


WoW Shadowlands Torghast
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Not only has this player conquered the horrors of the Tower of the Damned, but their own inner demons.

The WoW Shadowlands player goes on to explain: “Outside the game, mental illness and unhealthy relationships with food & alcohol have kept me around 300 lbs. for the past decade. The stresses of the pandemic didn’t help. I’ve had more panic attacks, unexplained chest pains, & suicidal thoughts in the last year than ever before. I’ve always tried to lose weight & get healthier, but I’d inevitably fall off the wagon. Repeatedly.”

One day, however, they had a eureka moment. “In the last 2 months, as I approached 37 years old, something just…clicked. I remembered what I’d thought about in Torghast: Ideally, you’re here for a long time. So, if you want it to be a good time, just make the work do itself.


After some dietary changes, they write: “Here I sit, about to fall below 280 lbs. for the first time since 2015… And it’s all because of f**kin’ Torghast.”

It just goes to show, if you put your mind to it, you achieve your goals and make playing video games much more productive!