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WoW players flame Blizzard over pumpkin change in Halloween event

Published: 22/Oct/2021 1:06

by Jaret Kappelman


Halloween is just around the corner, meaning WoW’s annual event has arrived. Despite being brought back, fans are flaming Blizzard for an update that downgraded a seasonal staple of the holiday.

Hallow’s End is World of Warcrafts’ annual in-game event to celebrate Halloween. This update brings tons of drops, quests, and the ability to Trick or Treat in WoW.

However, with each year things seem to go unchanged and fans are getting bored of the repetition.

Despite the community being extremely critical of Blizzard’s lack of new content in the game, they are now mad that the developers made improvements to the event.


WoW players flame Blizzard over pumpkin change in Halloween event
Blizzard Entertainment
WoW players are upset as Blizzard changed the way pumpkins look in the Halloween event.

WoW fans upset as pumpkins look different in Hallow’s End

When it comes to making the perfect jack-o’-lantern, one of the finishing touches is adding a light inside so you can see the design. During this event, each pumpkin in WoW had a candle inside, but that has changed.

This Reddit post by ‘Ekh0es’ shows off a before and after picture of the pumpkins from last year’s event to the current one and, to the disappointment of many, the candle is gone.

Anyone else notice that they updated the pumpkin models for Hallow’s End? from wow

While it may seem harmless and minor, fans are lashing out at Blizzard as the new pumpkins no longer have the candle inside of them, and everyone is extremely upset about it.


One person replied, “But.. I liked that candle…” while another said, “No they took candle! Darkness will take all off us.”

Players are now saying that the newly updated pumpkins look awful and just have a random orange light thrown in them.

WoW pumpkins no candles
Blizzard Entertainment
Pumpkins in WoW used to have a candle inside them that you could see illuminating it.

“Honestly the old pumpkin looks better because it looks like it’s actually hollow with a candle inside, instead of just having orange light for no reason,” a person said.

Fans continued to mock Blizzard as this is “the most attention hallows end has gotten in 5 years.” It seems Blizzard is slowly updating old cosmetics so it is possible to see other aspects of this event being updated in the near future.