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WoW Classic streamers are being muted for a truly bizarre reason

Published: 10/Nov/2020 16:18 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 15:53

by Lauren Bergin


World of Warcraft: Classic is one of the most iconic games of all time, attracting viewers and streamers from around the globe. However, one streamer has been muted due to a copyright strike on wind noises. 

Amid a host of DMCA copyright strikes that has seen the Twitch universe descend into chaos, it seems that no music is safe to play during streams.

Popular streamers such as summit1g and xQc have all spoken out against the new wave of takedowns, with even iconic former CS:GO pro shroud calling for streamers to unite in the face of DMCA adversity. 


In a similar vein, a Polish World of Warcraft streamer has had a vod of his stream muted due to a copyright strike that seems very odd.

Blizzard Entertainment
WoW Classic streamers are pretty confused by their vods being muted.

Why was the vod muted?

Polish WoW streamer Michał ‘michalronin’ Ronin received a seemingly uncalled for mute on his most recent Twitch vod because of the sound of in-game wind noises.

The streamer clarified that any music that was playing was just “in-game WoW music, played by the game itself”, and that the mute had occurred during his Sen’Jin Village explorations.

He followed this up with a screenshot of Twitch’s reason for muting him.

According to Twitch, the howling wind apparently belonged to a clip belonging to The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Gallery and was part of a track named ‘Medium Wind Storm with Gusts, Whistles and Low Rumble”.


Michał went on to appeal to Blizzard in an attempt to get this rather confusing state of affairs sorted out, but it looks as though there has been no followup from either Blizzard or Twitch.

Hopefully this is amended quickly, as it seems somewhat bizarre to punish streamers for things that are entirely out of their hands. Music adds so much ambiance to games such as WoW, and so to have streamers have to play them muted for fear of copyright strikes will ruin the mood of the stream itself.

Fingers crossed this is just a one off and that Michał’s tweet has alerted other streamers to possible future repercussions.