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How to get the Vicious Saddle in World of Warcraft

Published: 5/Sep/2021 20:46

by Nick Farrell


There’s a wide array of mounts within World of Warcraft, that can be equipped for your various animals within the game, and some of these including the Vicious Saddle are reserved for PvP legends! 

In the land of gaming in 2021, there’s been a lot of new entries into the MMORPG landscape. From New World to players revisiting Final Fantasy, there’s been a lot of games for players to dive into over recent months.

But, World of Warcraft has still remained as the king of MMOs, as Burning Crusade Classic reignited a lot of fire underneath players’ desire to play the game. But, within the retail version of WoW, players are still grinding for certain cosmetic additions to their loadout.


One of these is the Vicious Saddle, and we’re going to run over how to obtain one within WoW.

vicious mount
Vicious Saddles can be used for various steads within WoW.

How to get the Vicious Saddle in WoW

This saddle is reserved for players who have been grinding PvP throughout the current season of World of Warcraft, and within Shadowlands players have been able to obtain this reward across multiple seasons.

Basically, they’re a reward for filling out your progress bar within PvP for a current season, and doing so will net you a Vicious Mount. Then, you’ll be able to turn this into Saddle’s for certain animals from previous DLCs that’ve been released over the years.


There’s a wide array of Saddles that can be crafted from obtaining one of these mounts, and some of the animals that have one are listed down below.

  • Vicious War Wolf
  • Vicious War Bear
  • Vicious War Fox
  • Vicious War Trike
  • Vicious War Riverbeast
  • Vicious Black Warsaber
  • Vicious War Basilisk
  • Vicious White Warsaber
  • Vicious War Turtle
war turtle
War Turtles are one of the many steads these mounts can be placed on!

Keep in mind, if you don’t achieve this mount/saddle in time for the season reset, you’ll, unfortunately, have to start from scratch when the progress bar resets.

So, be sure to keep grinding away at PvP battles over the course of the current WoW season!