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How to get the Tauren Heritage Armor in World of Warcraft

Published: 30/Aug/2021 21:21

by Nick Farrell


Grabbing new sets of armor within World of Warcraft is one of the best ways to improve your character within the game. If you’re playing as a Tauren, you may want to obtain the Heritage Armor set, which is one of the coolest-looking sets within the game. 

While we’ve seen other MMORPGs such as New World and Final Fantasy skyrocket in popularity over recent months, World of Warcraft has still been the foundation for many gamers over the years.

With a wide array of expansions available to players, the game also offers some incredible cosmetic items for players to earn. Some of these are going to be class-specific, and in the case of the Tauren Heritage set, only players locked in as Tauren’s will gain access to this armor.


If you’re looking to grab this gear set, we’re going to run over the steps needed to take in order to obtain this cosmetic set!

World of Warcraft Arena
World of Warcraft’s Arena mode is the ideal one for competitive players.

How to get the Tauren Armor set in WoW

There are a few prerequisites before you’re able to get the Tauren Armor set, but they’re rather easy to fulfill once you know what you have to do.

For the Tauren Heritage Armor, you’re going to need to be at the maximum level of 120 and have your character exalted with the Thunder Bluff ability.

Then you’ll need to complete the mission titled Stay of Execution which is going to be a part of the War Campaign, these two objectives players will have to undergo aren’t complicated in the grand scheme of obtaining the armor.


WoW: Shadowlands Corrupted Anduin
WoW has seen numerous expansions over the years, with more surely in the pipeline.

After you have this War Campaign segment complete, you’ll then need to embark on a few side missions for Blaine, and after completing these you’ll then be rewarded with the Heritage set of armor for the Tauren race.

We’re sure this won’t last the new armor set we see within WoW, as there are numerous amounts of gear constantly being added into the game!