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Daigo: The Struggle of Legacy

Published: 19/Feb/2020 18:00 Updated: 16/Jul/2021 14:05

by Jacob Hale


Daigo ‘Daigo’ Umehara is one of the most prominent members of the fighting games community, a decorated, multi-time champion from Japan. But he’s much more than just a gamer.

Daigo’s accolades are so great, his name has transcended Street Fighter to make him one of the most legendary figures in competitive gaming, an icon of excellence that players in any game can aspire to.

Now 38 years old, Daigo is still raising the bar for pro gamers, proving that it’s possible to compete at the highest level well beyond the point at which many would be looking at retirement.


We followed Daigo through his campaign at the Capcom Cup, where he was faced with adapting his classic strengths to a new meta that favors different characters. The old legend still has some new tricks up his sleeve, but after more than a decade of professional play, some of his toughest challenges may yet lie ahead.