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Valorant voice actors for all Agents

Published: 12/Mar/2021 8:14 Updated: 12/Mar/2021 5:26

by Andrew Amos


You hear them every game in Valorant, and some of their quips have become synonymous with the community. However, who are the people behind Valorant’s Agents? We’ve listed them all here, and you might already know a few of them.

Valorant has taken the gaming world by storm, with Riot’s hit FPS bringing people around the globe together in a fight to save Future Earth. With 15 Agents now live, there’s a handful of characters for players to pick.

Each Act, another one is added, and that means a new voice actor from a new region joins the fray. This article will focus on the English-speaking voice actors in Valorant, and you might even know a couple of them based on their previous roles.


Not all of the voice actors are known, but we will update this as more information arises ⁠— and more Agents are released!

List of Valorant voice actors

Announcer: Cynthia Kaye McWilliams

Cynthia Kaye McWilliams in Valorant
Instagram: cyncityforever
McWilliams is the voice you hear the most in Valorant.

Technically, the announcer isn’t a character. However, given how frequently you hear the voice of McWilliams, she deserves a mention. In Victory or Defeat, you’ll hear her call out the important things in game, including the forever-triumphant Ace notification.

Breach: David Menkin

David Menkin
Twitter: davidmenkin
Menkin has lent his voice to a wide range of video games throughout his voice-acting career.

Breach may be Swedish, but Norwegian voice actor David Menkin does a pretty good job of playing the ginger-bearded Initiator. After all, he’s a professional who’s been mastering his craft for 20 years.

Outside of Valorant though, he’s more than just a voice actor, appearing in Florence Foster Jenkins, and even the Angry Birds Movie. Plus, he’s also played Malos in Xenoblade Chronicles, and even helped Blizzard with WoW’s Battle for Azeroth expansion.


Brimstone: Steve Blum

Steve Blum Brimstone valorant voice actor
Wikimedia Commons: Gage Skidmore
Steve Blum is the voice behind Brimstone, among hundreds of other characters.

Steve Blum is one of gaming’s most well-known voice actors, so it makes sense he voices one of the faces of Valorant, Brimstone. The attitude of the stern American controller fits Blum’s iconic deep voice.

Blum has been on dozens of credits ⁠— everything from Dota 2 to Maplestory, Mortal Kombat to Starcraft 2, and even some anime dubbing in Cowboy Bebop, Demon Slayer, Sword Art Online, and more. It’s easier to count what Blum hasn’t done!

Cypher: Nabil Elouahabi

Nabil Elouahabi Valorant Cypher voice actor
Twitter: Actornabil
P.S.: Nabil is the human, not the cat.

Valorant’s Moroccan Agent, Cypher, is voiced by native Nabil Elouahabi. While we don’t see a lot of Cypher, his smooth voice is certainly loved by fans.


Valorant is actually Elouahabi’s first video game role, previously starring on BBC shows like Casualty and EastEnders.

Jett: Shannon Williams

Shannon Williams
Twitter: ArrumieShannon
The voice behind Jett is an occasional Twitch streamer.

Shannon Williams is a K-Pop star turned voice actor, having broke out onto the scene on SBS’s Star King in 2010. It’s a bit different from her singing career, but alongside Phoenix, her voicelines are some of the most iconic.

Williams herself is an avid Valorant player and streamer, known to play as the character she voiced and surprise her teammates with renditions of Jett’s iconic quips. If you happen to bump into her in-game, you might be able to ask her for a little grab!


Killjoy: Eva Feiler

Eva Feiler
Twitter: EvaFeiler
Valorant marked the first voiceover work Feiler had done for a video game.

The bright and bubbly German engineer has a voice actor to match in Eva Feiler. Funnily enough, they even own the same yellow jacket, which gives Feiler the look to match the voice.

Feiler has also featured in Urban Legends and The Crown. She has even narrated some audiobooks, including a Warhammer horror audio drama named Darkly Dreaming.

Omen: Jason Marnocha

Instagram: Jmarnocha
Marnocha is a well established voice actor with characters dating back to World of Warcraft in 2004.

The ominous Omen is played by American voice actor Jason Marnocha. It’s not a carbon copy of what the actor sounds like in real life, given all the effects played over Omen’s voice, but you can feel the raw emotion Marnocha has put into it.


Marnocha has done multiple anime dubs, including JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Carole and Tuesday, as well as making an appearance in WoW’s Shadowlands expansion as Prince Renathal.

Phoenix: Afolabi Alli

Trisha Ward
Alli has some of the most quotable lines in Valorant.

Arguably the most iconic voice actor in Valorant, Phoenix’s Afolabi Alli has some very iconic quips in-game. From “super high level tactic,” to just yelling your “skrrra,” you can hardly join a lobby with a Phoenix player without hearing them read out his lines. We’ve even spoken to Alli about what it was like to voice Phoenix!

Before Valorant, Alli has featured in a couple of British television shows, and is set to appear in the This Is Hell mini-series later in 2021.

Raze: Carolina Ravassa

Carolina Ravassa
Instagram: themikegarcia
Ravassa is an accomplished actress that has appeared in everything from GTA V to Scooby-Doo.

Raze’s voice actress, Carolina Ravassa, is another popular figure in the gaming community. She’s most well known for playing Sombra in Overwatch; and so when she jumped into Valorant as Raze, many fans were hyped.

That’s not all she’s done though, having appeared in GTA V, Just Cause 4, and most recently Cyberpunk 2077. Not a bad resume at all.

Reyna: Karina Altamirano

Karina Altamirano
Instagram: karinaaltamiranolocutora
Altamirano is one of the newer voice actors to enter the mix in Valorant.

Karina Altamirano is only just starting out as a voice actor, but landing the gig as Reyna has certainly been good. She doesn’t have much in her portfolio, but she absolutely killed it as the Mexican duelist.

Altamirano played into the character perfectly, and has even picked up some Valorant herself; duoing with Ravassa as Reyna and Raze back on the game’s release for a bit of fun.

Sage: Naomi Yang

Naomi Yang
Twitter: yangnomi
Valorant is Yang’s first and only video game thus far.

Ever wonder who’s behind the lady healing your team up? That’d be Naomi Yang voicing Sage. The experienced voice actor killed it as the Chinese Sentinel, and we’re sure she gets just as annoyed when teammates ask for heals as the rest of us.

Naomi Yang has featured in TV series and movies before, but Valorant is her first appearance in a video game. She’s set to appear in the Wolfe TV series later in 2021.

Skye: Miranda O’Hare

miranda ohare
Instagram: mirandaohare
Skye’s Aussie twang is authentic thanks to O’Hare.

The thick accent you hear from the Australian eco-warrior? That belongs to Miranda O’Hare. Her popularity has boomed since jumping on Valorant, with many fans hitting her up on Tiktok for some hotly requested voice lines. She even streams on occasion!

Like most Australian actors, O’Hare appeared at some time on popular soap opera Home and Away before making the jump to America.

Sova: Aaron Vodovoz

aaron waterbearer
Instagram: aaron_waterbearer
Vodovoz is who we have to thank for the iconic ‘Shock Dart’ line.

The straight-and-narrow Sova doesn’t really beat around the bush with his voice lines. Aaron Vodovoz is the man behind the Russian sniper, always scouting ahead for the team.

He’s been in the limelight for 20 years, making his first TV debut back in 2001. He’s had a long career so far, and Valorant might not even be his biggest role with an appearance in The King’s Man down the line.

Viper: Ashly Burch

ashly burch
Instagram: ashlyburch
Burch is one of the most prominent voice actors in the gaming industry.

Ashly Burch is another big-name voice actor who made it onto Valorant. As the woman behind Viper, her lines have been savored by die-hard fans as some of the most iconic in the game. After all, she is one of the cover stars for Valorant.

She’s had a storied career before Valorant though. She was a writer on Adventure Time, and won awards for her Life Is Strange and Horizon Zero Dawn performances. Adding Viper onto her resume is just another string in her bow.