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Exo Clan win Valorant Rise of Valour event: stream, placements, more

Published: 24/Sep/2020 5:09 Updated: 24/Sep/2020 10:54

by Andrew Amos


Oceania’s second Valorant Ignition Series event, Rise of Valour, has drawn to a close. Exo Clan have reigned victorious over Team Launch, netting themselves $5,000 USD and claiming the title of Kings of Oceania for themselves.

The Valorant Ignition Series has wrapped up. Rise of Valour pitted over 400 teams from Oceania against each other to decide who is the best, and in the end, two remain.

Exo Clan and Team Launch, who faced off in the first Oceanic Valorant Ignition Series final at the Order Oceanic Valorant Open, duked it out once again here. It may have been Launch’s day back in July, but now, it’s Exo Clan’s time to shine.


Recap: Exo sweep Launch in Rise of Valour final

Exo Clan came into their final with Team Launch with the form, having beaten their opponents twice in Rise of Valour already. They also came in with the map advantage, having come from the upper bracket.

Exo made their statement early, blasting off to a quick 8-4 lead on Bind on their attacking half, no less. Ethan ‘Crunchy’ Laker on the Omen was the star of the show, and while Launch were almost able to bring it back to double figures on their attack, it wasn’t enough to stop Exo from getting series point one map in.

Things looked better for Launch on Haven though. With their backs against the wall, Tucks stood up to keep them in the series, getting plenty of picks with his Jett-Operator. They managed to eke away five attacking rounds, including a huge clutch from Texta in the 12th.


However, they seemingly ran out of gas on their defense. Exo Clan got off to a blistering start on their attack, and by the time Launch got a round on their defense, it was too big a mountain to climb back to the top.

It’s sweet revenge for Exo Clan, who lost to Launch in the first Oceanic Ignition Series event, the Order Oceanic Valorant Open. With First Strike just around the corner, they’ll surely enter the first Riot-run event as favorites.


Rise of Valour stream

The Rise of Valour finals between Exo Clan and Team Launch was streamed on the Fortress Melbourne Twitch account.


For your convenience, we have embedded the stream below.

Rise of Valour main event results

Stage Game Map 1 Map 2 Map 3 Map 4 Map 5
Lower Bracket Round 1 Mindfreak 0 – 2 Ground Zero 3 – 13 (Haven) 4 – 13 (Ascent) N/A N/A N/A
Upper Bracket Final Exo Clan 2 – 1 Team Launch 10 -13 (Split) 13 -6 (Bind) 13 – 8 (Ascent) N/A N/A
Lower Bracket Final Team Launch 2 – 0 Ground Zero 13 – 11 (Haven) 13 – 11 (Bind) N/A N/A N/A
Grand Final Team Launch 0 – 3 Exo Clan EXO map adv. 9 – 13 (Bind) 6 – 13 (Haven)

Rise of Valour final placements

Placing Team Prize Money (AUD)
1st Exo Clan $6,000
2nd Team Launch $4,000
3rd Ground Zero $2,000
4th Mindfreak $1,000
5th Notick $600
6th RipNTear $600
7-8th Magic Five $200
7-8th Kanga Esports $200
9-10th Dire Wolves $200
9-10th Fury $200