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Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch announced: date, format, more

Published: 25/Jan/2021 15:00 Updated: 25/Jan/2021 15:02

by Lauren Bergin


In partnership with Red Bull, Riot Games have announced the Red Bull Campus Clutch, a global Valorant competition for university students. With a €20,000 (~$25,000) prize pool as well as a gaming facility up for grabs, it’s going to be insane. 

It’s safe to say that Red Bull have made their way into the Valorant scene with a bang. The energy drink behemoth have forged a new pathway within the FPS by hosting the Red Bull Home Ground tournament.

Home Ground sees all of the conventional Valorant rules thrown out of the window, and it’s certainly generated a lot of hype among European and global fans alike.


Turns out they’re back with another tournament, but this time it’s letting the esports players of tomorrow take to the stage in Red Bull Campus Clutch.

Red Bull Campus Clutch: Details

Phoenix in Valorant Duelists trailer.
Riot Games
Do you fancy a shot at Valorant glory?

Being the first Valorant tournament of its kind, the Red Bull Campus Clutch sees “students from more than 50 countries represent their campus and battle for supremacy in a truly global competition for the new esports phenomenon, VALORANT.”

Whalen Rozelle, Riot Game’s Senior Director of Esports, told Dexerto that “Campus Clutch will unite thousands of students from more than fifty countries and regions within a single global tournament, further ensuring that VALORANT players of all levels have access to top tier organized competition.”


Enthusing that “Red Bull has been an incredible partner of League of Legends esports and we’re thrilled to grow our partnership with them into Valorant,” Whalen and Red Bull are promising an esports competition that will blow our minds.

Red Bull Campus Clutch: Format

Riot Games
Get ready to watch your competitors run!

Players from universities all over the world will duke it out in three stages; the Qualifiers, National Finals and World Final. While the exact details of each stage are currently unknown, the winners of the National Finals will be the teams battling it out for Valorant stardom on the World Final stage, where a host of prizes await the victorious squad.


Of course, there’s the title up for grabs. The victors will be crowned as the inaugural Campus Clutch winners. If that wasn’t enough, though, there’s a €20,000 prize pool, a new gaming facility for the team’s university and exclusive access to the Valorant Champions Tour Masters event all on the line too.

Fancy a shot at the glory? This is how you can sign up to join the fray.

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Red Bull Campus Clutch: How do I enter my team?

Valorant Killjoy Cosplay
Riot Games
Make sure your teammates aren’t robots though.

The Qualifiers for the Campus Clutch will run from February until May 23, with each country’s Qualifiers starting at different dates.

All of the information you need to sign up, as well as all of the dates and times you need to know can be found here.


So, do you fancy not only marking your university as Future Earth’s best higher education establishment, but representing your country on the Valorant stage? Grab your best teammates and sign yourselves up: the title awaits!