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Valorant pays tribute to player’s pet made famous in-game

Published: 4/Mar/2021 16:01 Updated: 5/Mar/2021 9:46

by Lauren Bergin


In the Episode 2 Act 2 Battle Pass, Riot Games have included a tribute Gun buddy to a special little animal.

One of the first things that Valorant fans do after playing a few games is have a look at ways to customize their loadout. From insanely detailed skins to cheeky little sprays, Riot Games have created some cosmetic works of art.

This is why fans are always excited to see what drops with the new Battle Pass, and Episode 2 Act 2 hasn’t disappointed. With new skins inspired by the popular Prism and POLYfox lines, this installment is one of the best yet.


However, amid the sea of cosmetics is the Explorgi gun buddy, but this cute little guy isn’t just for show. There’s an even deeper story that accompanies him.

Riot pay tribute to beloved pet

gun buddy in valorant
Riot Games
Gun buddies such as this one are used to decorate your weapons.

As described in the tweet from Valorant’s official account, it turns out that the inspiration for the Explorgi gun buddy is an adorable real-life furball that sadly passed last year.

Bruno the corgi is described as having been a “good boy irl,” with the devs encouraging players to “give good boy Bruno a little pat” on both their behalf and Yash’s, his owner.

While Valorant fans everywhere have come together to show Bruno and Yash some love, some of the most famous faces in the game’s sphere have left a comment in tribute to the adorable little guy.


Valorant pros react to Explorgi tribute

A brief glance at the responses shows that organizations and pro players from every nation have dropped a little heart in the comments section.

Heavy-hitting orgs such as G2 Esports, Guild Esports & TSM have all given either a heart or salute to the special corgi.

To echo this sentiment, several pro players have also paid their respects. TSM’s Matthew ‘WARDELL’ Yu, XSET’s Matthew ‘Wedid’ Suchan and Cloud9 Blue’s Skyler ‘Relyks’ Weaver all sent a little heart in Bruno’s direction.

Although a small gesture, this proves that the Valorant community really are a family. Sure we’re all trying to pop each other’s heads, but in reality, we are all brought together by our love for Future Earth. We can’t wait to give Bruno a pat in-game, so make sure you have him equipped.