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How to watch wwFest Valorant music event: stream, schedule, more

Published: 14/Jan/2021 10:55 Updated: 14/Jan/2021 10:56

by Lauren Bergin


Riot Games have always had a proud musical legacy. From True Damage to K/DA in League of Legends, they’re committed to their music scene. The new wwFest, hosted alongside Amazon, sees Valorant have its very own music festival. 

  • Event begins January 15 @ 1PM PST/4PM EST.
  • Includes artists like ARMNHAMR, Whipped Cream and Ookay.
  • Immersive experience where you watch the show as Agents.

Riot Games’ musical prowess is something that fans have always praised. From League of Legends soundtracks to virtual artists who have blossomed into real life superstars like K/DA, Riot Games have done it all.

wwFest will be viewed through the eyes of our favorite Agents, the event promises to be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Sounds cool, right? Here’s everything you need to tune in.


wwFest Valorant: Stream

The festival will air live on January 15 on Amazon’s Twitch channel, Crown (as well as YouTube) at 1PM PST /4PM EST / 9PM GMT / 10PM CEST. We’ve embedded the Crown Channel below for your convenience:

wwFest Valorant: schedule

The performers are going to be a whole host of international artists, and will include different types of experiences. The current schedule is below, but times will be subject to change:

Thomas Turner 2PM 5PM 10PM 11PM
Skyler Madison 2PM 5PM 10PM 11PM
Okay (Live Set) 3PM 6PM 11PM 12AM
Whipped Cream 4PM 7PM 12AM 1AM
Moore Kismet 5PM 8PM 1AM 2AM
Madeon (DJ Set) 6PM 9PM 2AM 3AM


wwFest Valorant Poster
Riot Games, Amazon Crown Channel
wwFest Valorant promises to be an event like no other!

wwFest Valorant: How does it work?

The festival is an “immersive, interactive” experience and will allow viewers to “curate their own personalized festival experience via unique drone feeds that each represent a different VALORANT agent, allowing viewers to explore a recreation of the in-game world of VALORANT, and capturing pre- and post-performance moments through the ‘eyes’ of the Agents themselves.”


Each Agent’s perspective is “tailored to reflect their individual attitude, culture, and style,” and when the agent is on the main stage, viewers will see “a variety of expansive, close-up, and alternate angles during the on-stage performances.”

The Agent’s through whose eyes we’ll be watching include Reyna, Raze, Phoenix, Killjoy and Jett, alongside Yoru, the newest Agent addition to the lineup. The festival’s backdrop is also an awesome “space inspired by the in-game world of Valorant.”

Sound like your kind of thing? We’re excited to see how Riot blend together Valorant and music to create a truly immersive experience. Watch your space for an opinion piece that’ll be coming soon from us, because we can’t wait to break down the festival!