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New Valorant map Fracture revealed: layout, release date

Published: 1/Sep/2021 16:00 Updated: 1/Sep/2021 16:02

by Lauren Bergin


As the Valorant universe continues to expand, Riot Games are adding a new map, Fracture, to the pool.

Riot Games have triumphed with their map creation so far in Valorant. From the sunny shores of Breeze to the icy warehouses of Icebox, we’ve enjoyed a great variety of scenery.

So far, though, most maps have been devoid of lore. We’ve seen Easter Eggs here and there, but nothing conclusive.

Enter Fracture, the game’s seventh map. Steeped in storytelling and creating a new, innovative style of play, this stunning vista is set to be a treasure trove for lore hunters and head-popping sharpshooters alike.


Valorant Fracture map poster
Riot Games
Something wicked lurks beneath Fracture.

Valorant Fracture: Release date

Fracture will release alongside Episode 3, Act 2 on Wednesday, September 8. It’s accompanied by an all new Battlepass, as well as Patch 3.05.

New Valorant map: Fracture

Known previously as Canyon, Fracture is a H-Shaped map split straight down the middle. With an arid desert to one side and a lush jungle to the other, Lead Artist Brian Yam writes, “​​we wanted to create a distinctive visual split for the two sides of the map to suggest that an accident occurred, which resulted in timeline a fracture caused by a rift.”

Unlike any other map, Attackers will spawn on both sides of the map, with Defenders spawning right in the centre. “The idea for the map came from a simple question: ‘What if’” notes Level Designer Joe Lansford. “What if attackers started on both sides of the map, pinching defenders? We really wanted to ask players to rethink some fundamental assumptions and give them unique problems to solve.”


Ironically, this very futuristic map has its roots in something much more classic: the Battle of Helm’s Deep from fantasy series The Lord of the Rings. “As the orcs are breaking down the gates, Aragorn and Théoden (and the remaining squadzinho) ride out to meet them. ‘Now for wrath, now for ruin and the red dawn!’ Gandalf and the Riders of Rohan storm down the mountain from the other side. When you’re on defense and both A and B players push out to flip the tables and pinch attackers instead, it always reminds me of this moment.”

Valorant Fracture Map
Riot Games
Fracture features two Attacker spawns, with Defenders trying to hold the middle of the map.

Fracture: Valorant’s lore paradise

Not only is Fracture a very different take on the traditional FPS map, but it’s perfect for players who love to delve a little deeper into Valorant’s story.


Creative Director David Nottingham notes,“after the Duality cinematic revealed to players the existence of a twin Earth, our aim was to give players a further peek into the conflict at stake between these two worlds. And in Fracture, we see that perhaps there are aspects of the conflict not as black and white as might initially appear.

“This map plays a key role in the linear timeline of the conflict taking place between our Earth and this mysterious ‘other earth’ that is sending their own Valorant Agents. As such we’ve invested in environmental and visual storytelling to help inquisitive players more fully unravel the mysterious conflict taking place.”


Additionally, Principal Environmental Artist Brandon Martynoiwicz promises that “there are ten Tac-Bears hidden throughout the map,” with these likely being the interactive elements that Riot have promised.