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Best Valorant Agents to use on patch 2.05: Every character ranked

Published: 4/Mar/2021 7:55 Updated: 17/Mar/2021 9:50

by Andy Williams


Here’s every Agent in Valorant ranked in our tier list from best to worst. If you’re wondering which character you should main, or who your second choice should be, this guide will explain all.

Valorant incorporates a diverse array of characters into a high-fidelity tactical shooter, which are referred to as Agents. While each Agent has their own unique ability set, Riot has balanced characters extremely well.

That being said, some Agent’s strengths far out-weigh others. With that in mind, which character should you look towards mastering so you can dominate inside the server? We’ve ranked every Valorant Agent to bring you the ultimate tier list along with helpful guides to help you along the way!


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Valorant’s S-tier Agents


Valorant's Jett.

Riot have nerfed Jett again and again. First, it was her Blade Storm and the Operator changes, and then the reduced Cloudburst duration. However, she has managed to remain at the top in both pro and casual play.

Even with the nerfs to her Ultimate, the power of Blade Storm is too good. It’s like getting a Vandal for free, and that can help build your team’s economy. Combined with her hyper-mobility, Jett is impossible to stop.

While she offers hardly anything utility-wise to the team — aside from smoking certain angles very briefly — her fragging ability is the best in Valorant, and that’s why she’s number one.


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Valorant's Raze.

Raze is a Duelist that is all about area denial. All of her abilities will ensure that the enemy is on the back foot, while you’re busy taking the fight up close and personal.

Equipped with a Boom Bot for essential intel, a Blast Pack to boost her into places that give her a vertical advantage and up to two sets of cluster grenades that have a devastating radius — it’s easy to see why Raze can be devastating on both Attack and Defense.

That’s not to mention her incredible Ultimate, which can prove lethal at both close and long-range. She’s become a mainstay on all teams, and until her grenades get nerfed, it’s hard to see her falling out of the meta.


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Valorant’s A-tier Agents


Valorant's Sova.

Since the Cypher nerfs, Sova has become Valorant’s best intel-gathering Agent. Sure, he is a very complex character, however, if you put the time into mastering him, it’ll be well worth it.

By mastering some lineups with Sova’s bolts, the Agent offers a diverse approach in their quest for intel that no other can match. His Owl Drone isn’t to be forgotten though, as it makes for the perfect ‘entry’ into a site when coupled with an ally right behind it.

His complexity is the only thing that holds him back from S-Tier, but he’s a strong pick regardless. As long as you are getting the info your team needs, it doesn’t matter what lineups you use or how you use them.


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Valorant's Brimstone.

Brimstone is gliding up the Valorant tier list thanks to a handy amount of buffs early in Episode 2. He’s now on-par with fellow Controller Omen, which hasn’t been the case in ages.

With longer Sky Smokes, a further deploy range, and cheaper Incendiary Molotov, he is arguably the best Agent to have by your side for a quick site hit. Plus, his Orbital Strike ultimate can block off entire areas like U-Hall on Bind, giving you tons of control.

There’s now a real reason to question bringing Omen to every game over Brimstone. On some maps, like Bind, you might want to take the American Controller instead. However, for now, it’s still a comfort thing for most players.


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Valorant's Omen.

Just because Omen is on par with Brimstone doesn’t mean the shadowy Controller is bad. Despite being nerfed substantially in patch 2.00, Omen is still a “jack-of-all-trades,” with a lot of global pressure with his From The Shadows ultimate and Dark Cover smokes.

His Shrouded Step also gives him some of the most flexible movement in the game, and his Paranoia — although more expensive — will still remain a staple bit of utility for many teams.

He might not be as dominant now as he once was, but it’s probably for the best. You don’t have to play Omen every game now, however, if he’s your comfort pick, go nuts.

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Valorant Agent Astra

Astra is the Valorant’s new kid on the block, and has the real potential to shake up the meta. Yes, people have said that about Skye and Yoru — and look where they landed — but Astra hits a bit different.

Her kit is loaded with utility that makes her practically an all-in-one controller. Smokes, stuns, gravity wells, and a huge screen that blocks damage and sound; it’s more a case of what she can’t do.

The big drawback for now is Astra’s complexity and vulnerability. While you are ascended in Astral Form, you can’t fight back. Her kit also requires a lot of team coordination. We’ve slotted her in A-tier for now, but this could change as people get a handle of her.

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Valorant's Sage.

Valorant’s resident medic was once an essential Agent on any team. She was pushed down pretty hard with some big nerfs, but she’s slowly rising up the tier list again.

Despite the nerfs, both her Slow and Barrier Orbs are handy for temporarily cornering off specific sections of a map — which the latter can also be used to boost on top of stacked boxes (or such alike) to give you a height advantage when peeking for information or an early kill.

Sage’s Orbs aside, the Agent’s Resurrection Ability can turn the tide of a round in your favor, especially when in a clutch situation where the man-advantage can be pivotal. It’s still the best ability in the game bar none, and it’s why she’s worthy of A-Tier.

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Valorant’s B-tier Agents


Valorant's Breach.

Breach is one of Valorant’s most well-rounded Agents, who can go into combat all guns blazing, but lacks the flair of the likes of Jett and Phoenix. Both Aftershock and Flashpoint are designed to allow you to burst through enemy lines; a great tool for when your team is taking a site.

Breach’s Signature and Ultimate abilities can completely disrupt the battlefield in the blink of an eye. Providing you have the necessary intel on the enemy’s whereabouts, both Fault Line and Rolling Thunder make gaining map control a relatively easy process.

However, he’s been slowly sliding down in priority over the last few patches. He’s still a great Agent to have on your side though, and you can’t really go wrong with picking him up.

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Valorant's Cypher.

Cypher was once the King of Intel in Valorant. However, he was forced to relinquish the throne to Sova after Patch 1.11. He’s still effective but losing his Trapwires after death really hurt his place in the power rankings.

He can still be the one-man army he once was, locking down bombsites with cameras and cages, telling his team what he sees — or doesn’t see. His Neural Theft is also incredibly handy to help read enemy plays and force their hand.

Good Cyphers are still an invaluable resource to any team. However, he’s no longer able to do it all, and Sova might just do his job a bit better — even if he does it differently.

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Valorant's Phoenix.

Phoenix is the prime example of the “most average” Agent in Valorant. He’s nothing to write home about, but he’s not bad either. The British duelist does his job, and that’s that.

Of all the duelists, he’s one of the bigger team players, giving himself up for the entry frag with his Run It Back Ultimate. His flashes are also quite effective, and he can heal himself if he takes damage.

He just doesn’t really have the same standout power as a Jett fragging after and dashing all over the map, or a Raze throwing down tons of nades to zone out enemies. However, good Phoenix players look great no matter the situation.

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Valorant's Killjoy.

Killjoy can operate far outside the bounds of her Sentinel status. While her abilities make her one of the most powerful Agents on Defense, she can also be extremely beneficial on Attack, too. Her Nanoswarm grenade can be incredibly impactful during the early stages of a round — even if not triggered, it offers valuable area denial. The same goes for post-plants.

However, Killjoy isn’t as good as she was on release. She can’t roam across the entire map and expect her robots to do their job. She needs to stick close to each Reactor Site to make sure all of her utility is online.

That one change really hurt her when it comes down to it. With the game’s meta trending away from Sentinels, Killjoy has been left on the bench. She has a purpose still — her Lockdown Ultimate is one of the best in the game — but she’s not as flexible as Cypher or Sage.

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Valorant's Reyna.

Reyna has been hit hard in Valorant with huge nerfs in patch 2.03. Riot have basically kneecapped the duelist, who was once a fragging powerhouse, by taking away most of her agency.

Having less charges of her Devour and Dismiss means she can’t be as aggressive, as the damage will stick now. At least now the souls drop even on assist, rather than only kill.

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She’s still very good for the selfish-at-heart — there’s no doubt — however she won’t be as 1v9 as she was before the nerfs. It might be worth looking for a new main if you spammed Reyna, that’s for sure.

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Valorant’s C-tier Agents


Valorant's Viper.

Viper isn’t actually bad right now in Valorant. Sliding her in C-Tier kind of feels bad. However, there’s some major drawbacks to her kit that explain why.

She’s incredibly inflexible — once you lay down her utility, you’re either extremely useful or the enemy moves and it’s useless. She also doesn’t provide as much cover as Omen or Brimstone does, especially on a reactive level where it’s stronger.

There’s buffs on the way for the Controller, although they are still a while off arriving. Hopefully, they can make an impact, and maybe she’ll finally get out of C-Tier for once.

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Skye didn’t necessarily so much explode into Valorant rather than whimper into the game. The Australian eco-warrior hasn’t really impacted the meta since her release, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

She might be full to the brim with utility, but a lot of her abilities are hard to use. Her heal is by far the most advantageous thing to her team, but it’s strictly worse than Sage’s (unless you’re all standing on top of each other).

Skye’s in dire need of buffs to try and make her relevant. However, it’ll need to be big ones to see her climb the list.

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Valorant Agent Yoru

Yoru initially entered our list at A-Tier, and he’s been sliding down the list since. Why? Well, despite his kit filling a niche in the lurker role, it hasn’t been enough to dislodge any of the meta duelists.

He’s not massively underpowered — his kit is just strictly worse than anyone else’s. His flashes are easy to dodge, his teleport is too loud, and his footsteps don’t bait anyone. The only useful thing is his Ultimate to get behind enemy lines and gather intel.

While his kit on paper may seem great, he’s not finding a place on anyone’s roster any time soon. Either the other duelists need to be nerfed, or Yoru needs to be buffed, but something has to happen.

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So there you have it, each of Valorant’s Agents ranked from best to worst. Since Riot are keen on introducing changes to Valorant in a bid to balance the roster, don’t be surprised to see this list swapped and changed to reflect that.

Of course, each Agent offers their own distinct benefit and drawback on the battlefield. The choice of which character you use should revolve more around compiling the most well-rounded squad possible, as Valorant heavily relies on teamwork in order to overcome your opposition.