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Everything we know about Valorant Agent 18: Sprinter leaks, abilities, release date

Published: 31/Aug/2021 16:55 Updated: 31/Aug/2021 16:58

by Alan Bernal


There’s still a lot of time before we get Valorant Agent 18 in the game, but we’re already seeing early details of the mysterious character that should be coming in time for Episode 3 Act 3.

With the latest Agent addition coming in the form of the cybernetic Initiator KAY/O, people are still getting used to his impact on the live servers. Look out for Agent 17 ‘Deadeye’ to drop shortly after once Episode 3 Act 2 launches.

With speculation currently around the Act 2 Agent, we take a look a bit further down the road to Agent 18, who should be releasing with Act 3.


Valorant Agent 18 details: abilities, gameplay, more

There aren’t many details floating around about Agent 18, other than an apparent name attached to a string of code that has them labeled as ‘Sprinter,’ according to a ValorLeaks post.

Of course, this isn’t any indication of what the character’s official name will be, but it can give us a clue into how the devs want to tailor their gameplay.

In tactical FPS titles, there generally isn’t an option to run, with characters having to hold out their melee weapon in order to get the biggest boost in speed.

If ‘Sprinter’ is anything to go off of, then we could have our first Agent that can run, similar to Overwatch’s Soldier: 76 who has an ability called Sprint.


But if Riot were planning to include a character that can buff their teammates, then Agent 18 could have an AoE (Area of Effect) ability that temporarily increases movement speed – maybe something akin to Brim’s Stim Beacon.

Of course, there’s nothing official from Riot’s newswire on Agent 17, and the little info that’s out there now can easily change by the time they’re released.

Agent 18: release date

Riot Games
Riot tend to release something new with every Act, and Agent 17 isn’t expected as the next addition.

Whoever this Agent turns out to be, don’t expect to see much of them so soon since there’s still a whole other release to go through before they come to the servers.


Episode 3 Act 2, and its associated Agent believed to be ‘Deadeye,’ is expected to come around September 9.

That means Agent 17 won’t be on the cards till we get closer to Episode 3 Act 3 which is rumored to launch around November 3.