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Twitch streamer Macaiyla bombarded with vile sexist abuse playing Valorant

Published: 13/Mar/2021 20:05 Updated: 13/Mar/2021 20:59

by Julian Young


In another instance of a female player facing harassment in Valorant, well-known Twitch streamer ‘Macaiyla’ was subjected to intense sexist abuse and calls for physical violence against her during a competitive match.

Since Valorant’s release, there have been many instances of in-game verbal abuse and sexist behavior that have made the rounds on social media, with large streamers like Pokimane calling out the harmful behavior, and even developers at Riot Games sharing their own experiences with in-game toxicity.

The latest in this long series of abusive interactions involved popular Twitch streamer Macaiyla, whose community recorded a clip of her facing disgusting verbal abuse from one of her teammates — including calls for physical violence against her — during a ranked match.


At the end of a close match where her team was defeated 11-13, one of Macaiyla’s teammates wasn’t happy with the result and went on a sexist tirade against the content creator.

Warning: the following clip contains explicit and highly offensive language. Viewer discretion is advised.

In addition to insulting the streamer directly and calling her names, the player also expressed a desire for her to be subjected to physical violence in real life. The player’s language was also explicitly sexist, including his calls for violence.

As he began raging against the female streamer, her chat exploded with comments calling the player out. The clip also made its way onto Reddit, where viewers expressed disgust and shock at what had unfolded.


“People are f**king insane,” one user commented, and another referred to the clip and its events as “absolutely vile.”

Despite the abuse, Macaiyla seemed largely unbothered by the incident. She seemed to brush it off and remarked that she didn’t care what her teammate said, while also questioning whether their actions were reportable: “I can’t report that, I don’t think they (Riot Games) care about voice [chat].”

This is far from the first time an instance of female players facing abuse in Valorant has been shared. Riot has previously stated they are aware of these problems and are working to correct them, but have not issued any updates since addressing the topic on Reddit.


This clip was shared just days after Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won — considered by many to be one of the top players in professional Valorant — was accused of sexually abusing his ex-girlfriend, which many community members called out as another disturbing example of abusive behavior in the space.