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Top 20 highest earning Valorant pros of all time

Published: 22/Sep/2021 14:20 Updated: 22/Sep/2021 22:00

by Andrew Amos


Now in its second year, Valorant players are already making a living through the game at the top level. Emerging superstars have already walked away with thousands in prize money across the opening slate of events. Let’s take a look at the highest-earning individual players along with top teams that are raking in big bucks.

Since Valorant’s release in the summer of 2020, competition has soared to enormous heights. Star-studded teams and a calendar loaded with significant events have paved the way for some remarkable viewership in no time at all.

Players from a number of titles have already made the switch. CS:GO, Overwatch, Fortnite ⁠— even PUBG and Siege players have jumped ship to the Riot title. It’s not just for the gameplay either. Riot has a history of supporting a strong competitive scene, giving players who might have been disillusioned with other developers another chance.


Sentinels Tenz Valorant
Riot Games / Colin Young-Wolff
Despite placing 5th in overall earnings, TenZ is considered to be the best Valorant player in the world.

There have been millions of dollars on the line across multiple Valorant Ignition Series and Valorant Champions Tour events since the game’s launch. There have been two international LAN events in Valorant, Masters: Reykjavík and Masters: Berlin, with prize money totaling $1.3 million.

Sentinels, led by Shahzeb ‘ShahZam’ Khan, placed first in every tournament until the event in Berlin and are still the top-earning team in the game. Gambit, who won the German event in September, are second on the all-time list, but they’re still almost $200,000 shy of the North Americans.

Zombs playing Apex Legends for Sentinels
zombs current holds the highest earnings in Valorant.

When it comes to individual earnings, the Sentinels lineup is of course leading the charge. Jared ‘zombs’ Gitlin and Shahzeb ‘ShaZaM’ Khan currently stand the highest individual earners across all regions in Valorant; the two pros are only $100 apart in winnings, and the rest of the Sentinels aren’t far behind.


If you’re curious about the top 20 respective teams and players, check out the rankings below. We will update this list periodically after every major event.

Top 20 highest earning Valorant pros

Last updated: September 22, 2021.

Position Name Region Earnings
1st zombs North America $107,550
2nd ShahZam North America $107,450
3rd SicK North America $106,870
4th dapr North America $106,870
5th TenZ North America $86,750
6th nAts EMEA $69,937
7th Chronicle EMEA $69,699
8th d3ff0 EMEA $68,881
9th Sheydos EMEA $68,734
10th Redgar EMEA $67,223
11th mixwell EMEA $53,987
12th crashies North America $49,850
13th Victor North America $48,850
14th FNS North America $47,720
15th Marved North America $44,550
16th Asuna North America $44,020
17th ScreaM EMEA $43,837
18th Rb South Korea $42,284
19th AvovA EMEA $41,968
20th stax South Korea $41,561

Top 20 highest earning Valorant teams

Last updated: August 23, 2021.

Position Team Region Earnings
1st Sentinels North America $531,500
2nd Gambit Esports EMEA $342,777
3rd Envy North America $231,500
4th G2 Esports EMEA $223,756
5th Vision Strikers South Korea $204,149
6th 100 Thieves North America $202,500
7th Team Liquid North America $162,568
8th Fnatic EMEA $143,682
9th ZETA Division Japan $138,572
10th NUTURN Gaming South Korea $128,793
11th TSM North America $121,500
12th Acend EMEA $117,256
13th Team Heretics EMEA $97,745
14th FunPlus Phoenix EMEA $95,565
15th FaZe Clan North America $92,500
16th Team Vikings Brazil $86,110
17th forZe EMEA $79,376
18th Futbolist EMEA $78,095
19th Crazy Raccoon Japan $77,993
20th Gen.G North America $77,500

Data via Liquipedia.

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