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Sykkuno praised as Valorant dev’s favorite streamer but it goes hilariously wrong

Published: 17/Feb/2021 11:22

by Lauren Bergin


Valorant’s Executive Producer Anna ‘SuperCakes’ Donlon revealed that Sykkuno and friends are her favorite streamers to watch, and gifted them some Twitch subs, but Sykkuno’s response had fans in stitches. 

Riot’s Valorant devs have a lively presence across social media. The team is always listening and interacting with the community, and often respond to questions from players.

After complaints from pros and casual players regarding the Stinger and Frenzy dominated meta, Valorant Game Designer Nicholas Wu Smith even took to Twitch to discuss the future of the two currently infamous weapons.

This time though, Valorant’s Executive Producer SuperCakes took to the streaming platform to reward Sykkuno, her favorite streamer, but it didn’t end quite as expected.


Twitter: Anna Donlon
Anna ‘SuperCakes’ Donlon is one of the Valorant universe’s favorite devs.

Valorant boss praises Sykkuno’s squad

A tweet from our favorite dev expressed her love for Twitch sensation Sykkuno and his crew, who are made up of iconic streamers such as 100 Thieves’ Valkyrae and YouTube star Jacksepticeye.

Writing that “Skyykuno and teammates are a new favorite crew to watch stream VAL after a stressful day at work,” and calling them “delightful.” All of this culminated in SuperCakes gifting 5 subs to the team.

However, it went wrong in classic Sykkuno style. The streamer shouts out “Riot SugarMuffins” for the subs instead of Riot SuperCakes.

After a moment of silence, Valkyrae corrects him, while Jack is heard exclaiming “they complimented you and you got the name wrong?!”


Riot “SugarMuffins” responds

While fans were chuckling over the slight mix-up, SuperCakes took it in her stride.

Quote tweeting the clip, she responded “it might be time for a name change… though I prefer to bake cakes.”

The entire situation is classic Sykkuno, and it’s great to see fun interaction between Riot’s development team and the people who are contributing to their game’s success.

We can’t wait to see if SuperCakes changes her name to SugarMuffins in honor of her favorite stream team, but until then we’d be content if whipped up some muffins instead!