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How ShahZaM & Sinatraa saved shaky Sentinels at Valorant Champions Tour

Published: 10/Feb/2021 18:00 Updated: 11/Feb/2021 10:01

by Ava Thompson-Powell


Sentinels are considered to be North America’s top dogs within the Valorant scene, but their performance over the past week has highlighted how shaky the team truly is.
Sentinels were expected to put in a solid performance at Valorant Challengers 1, but they didn’t make it easy for themselves. With 100 Thieves, TSM, and T1 all on the sidelines, they had the best chance to dominate the North American competition.

After the worst possible start, dropping right into the Lower Bracket with a loss to Luminosity, Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan and Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won managed to pull them out of their rut and take the Grand Final 3-1 against Immortals.

The loss forced the team to finally wake up against a team consisting of ex-Fortnite and CSGO pro players. Lacking creativity in how they approached their plays during the mid-round, Sentinels even began memeing themselves on social media – showing their total awareness of their lackluster performance.

In comes sinatraa, deciding to take matters into his own hands. With an Overwatch-esque style of movement and play, he stepped up to the podium and caught his opposite number off-guard, but Sentinels still ultimately had to rely purely on brute force. The result? Sentinels and Luminosity ended up in a grudge match that would be one for the history books.

Joining sinatraa in the forefront of the team, ShahZaM’s performance revitalized the team’s play against Luminosity, and against Immortals, they took home the lion’s share of the prize pool – saving themselves from immeasurable defeat. While there’s still much work to be done as we head into Challengers 2, perhaps there’s time to solve their issues.


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