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Riot confirms future Valorant Agents won’t always have unique abilities

Published: 22/Jun/2021 20:28

by Michael Gwilliam


The Valorant devs have confirmed that as new Agents are added, not every single new character will have an entirely original kit and unique abilities.

With new Agents being added quite frequently to Valorant, some players may be worried about there being too many debuffs and effects that ruin a lot of its enjoyment.

Now, Valorant’s Character Producer John Goscicki has explained players don’t have to worry — as future characters will probably feature similar abilities to ones already used by existing Agents.

During the Valorant Episode 3 developer livestream, Goscicki addressed the issue head on and how the team plans on dealing with adding new content to the game while not overwhelming players.


“There’s a lot of opportunities to add new things to the game where the game isn’t currently overloaded from a lot of debuffs and status effects,” he said. “We’re really thinking about how we do a lot of this in its early years.”

According to Goscicki, it’s all about building up the knowledge players have for existing abilities, how they work, and coordinate with others.

“You’ll start to see these things on other Agents as well,” he added. “No status effect is sacred to a current Agent. It’s just that some are only represented on one Agent currently. So, we’ll see how that evolves in the future.”


Viper in Valorant
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New Agents could have very similar abilities to existing ones.

Basically, the devs want to keep the game simple as far as things that players need to know, but that doesn’t mean that new abilities are off the table, but expect to see some of them, or at least their effects, repeat in future Agents.

Hopefully, this decision can keep the game’s balance in a good state and Valorant continues to see new Agents released so frequently.