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Riot confirm Valorant Agent changes planned for Viper, Breach, Sage

Published: 1/Aug/2020 11:38

by Andy Williams


Riot’s Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott has detailed a handful of Agent changes that are expected to come in Valorant, including Sage nerfs, Breach buffs and some upcoming bug fixes.

Given just how pivotal Valorant’s Agents are to gameplay, having the perfect character balance is something Riot is constantly striving to achieve.

As such, a major part of all of Valorant’s patches have revolved around tweaks to Agents — whether that’s buffing or nerfing specific abilities, to ensure that Riot’s mantra of ‘competitive integrity’ is maintained.


And while Killjoy is the hot topic of conversation right now, it looks like there is an abundance of changes that will well and truly shake up the Agent meta.

Valorant's Sage.
Riot Games
Sage might not be getting a direct nerf, but while instead be “side-graded” to ensure she isn’t as overpowered.

Sentinels to take a hit in Valorant

While Morello has previously been vocal about upcoming Raze nerfs, it looks like there are a few more Agent tweaks in the pipeline, with the Sentinels taking the biggest hit.

During a Twitch Q&A, Morello detailed how Riot would be looking to “sidegrading” Sage in a bid to make her more balanced within the current meta… Meaning that it’s likely that Riot will nerf one ability while buffing another.


When asked about Sage’s Sentinel counterpart, Cypher, Morello hinted towards something being in the works. “I think Cypher probably needs something, and I’d like to find ways to shift some of that power — or do more clever nerfs.”

Viper receiving another buff?

Valorant’s Character Design Lead was also transparent about how we can expect Viper to be buffed again. “Well we definitely had an improvement,” Morello stated. “But it didn’t move the needle quite as much as we’d want. I think we’d like to add [more buffs], we’re putting some more into testing. When we launch those or not, that’s another story.”


To top things off, it also looks like a buff is on the cards for Breach, with Morello explaining that the way in which Breach helps his teammates is the primary goal. The infamous Omen smoke glitch is also going to be fixed in the near future.

While all of these upcoming tweaks spell big changes coming to the Agent meta, it’s currently unknown when they’ll arrive in Valorant.