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Reyna trending on Twitter after Valorant patch 2.03 nerfs

Published: 18/Feb/2021 1:47

by Alan Bernal


The Valorant community made ‘Reyna’ trend on Twitter after the 2.03 update patch notes revealed big tweaks to her abilities, with a lot of players reacting to the recent nerfs.

More than any character in Riot’s FPS so far, Reyna is the most ‘feast or famine’ Agent in the roster. However, the studio wants to tune down her “‘pubstomp’ potential” but still keep her relevant enough to be used in competitive matches.

As a result, Riot took away two of her charges that let her activate either Devour or Dismiss. Meaning, the flexibility of the ability kit was diminished by half for a character that needs to kill one of her five opponents in order to use it.


This sparked a ton of conversation on the Mexican Radiant, who’s already falling out of favor with people saying she’s not viable anymore.

Valorant community rips Reyna nerfs

Reyna 2.03 patch notes valorant
via Twitter
The Reyna nerfs were trending on Twitter.

The conversation erupted on Twitter, which made it stay on the Trending page for a while and Reyna mains aren’t exactly thrilled.

There are people that feel these nerfs hurt Reyna’s design, seeing as the crux of being good with Agent 7 requires you to be the best Valorant player on your team. Reyna needs kill to use her charges, and having four of them lets her set up for multiple, high-percentage engagements per round.


Taking two of the four charges away doesn’t ruin her ability to win her first firefight, but it takes away flexibility for what may happen next – something that Reyna mains generally like to dictate.

Along with that, the cost of Devour and Dismiss charges also increased to 200 a piece, so opening round buys are going to be less impressive overall, especially considering the recent changes to the Frenzy and Stinger.

Reyna buffed overall?

While a lot of people reacted to Reyna’s section of the patch notes, not all of them condemned the changes as ‘nerfs.’ Conversations took the Valorant 2.03 update to trend on Twitter with the amount of people saying she was buffed overall.


“Surely I’m not the only one viewing these Reyna changes as an overall buff?” Team Liquid Valorant coach Connor ‘Sliggy’ Blomfield said.

Her third adjustment in the patch now produces a Soul Orb off “slain enemies that Reyna has damaged in the last 3 seconds… even if Reyna does not land the killing shot.”

“This change actually gives Reyna’s ult a lot more value specifically for those clutch situations, since you can still dismiss/heal infinitely in your ult,” a Twitter user said.

Seeing as Reyna can have a major impact on Valorant matches, there were a ton of conversations in Valorant’s Twitter community and it’s likely to continue once the patch actually hits the game.