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Most popular Valorant Agents: Pick rate and win rate for characters in Episode 2 Act 2

Published: 14/Mar/2021 14:32

by Luke Edwards


With 15 Agents to choose from in Valorant, it can be tough to choose which one to main as you try to climb the ranked ladder. We’ve taken a look at the pick rate and win rate of each agent in the top tiers of Valorant to determine the most popular.

Heading into Act 2, we only saw one change to Agents: the addition of Ghanaian Controller Astra, who can dish out smokes and stuns from anywhere on the map.

However, the absence of balancing to current agents has left certain characters out of favor. Yoru and Viper, for example, are both struggling to make their mark on the Valorant meta.


Via data collected by, we’ve ordered each Agent in Valorant by pick rate to determine who is the most popular character in the game. We’ve compared every agent’s pick rate to their win rate, which has revealed some interesting information about the state of the game.

We’ve taken data from players ranked in Immortal, because it provides the largest data set and represents a large portion of the top players in Valorant.

15. Yoru

yoru valorant agent

  • Pick rate: 0.8%
  • Win rate: 40.4%

Oh dear. Since his release, Yoru has completely flopped at the top level, to the point it’s hard to know where to start fixing him. He has the lowest pick rate and lowest win rate in Valorant right now.


Riot has announced they plan to buff Yoru in patch 2.06, as the Duelist has so far been perceived as too weak and gimmicky to be given the time of day. These buffs couldn’t be more needed; the stats show he hasn’t even been picked yet this act by Radiant players.

14. Viper

  • Pick rate: 2.1%
  • Win rate: 49.3%

Despite being in the game since release, Viper has never really weaved her way into the meta. She’s most popular on Icebox, where her ability to carve up Valorant’s largest map makes her a very useful pick.

13. Skye

Skye in Valorant

  • Pick rate: 2.8%
  • Win rate: 49.2%

The eco-warrior Sentinel isn’t the most popular Agent in Valorant, but she can be very strong. Her ability to sniff out locations of enemies is nearly unparalleled, and she provides a decent alternative healing option to Sage.


12. Astra

Astra official splash art Valorant

  • Pick rate: 6.0%
  • Win rate: 49.9%

It can often be hard for a new Agent to make their mark on the meta, but Astra seems to be holding her own in Valorant so far. She’s found most of her success on Icebox, where her ability to make an impact from range has helped her achieve a 62.5% win rate.

11. Breach

  • Pick rate: 6.1%
  • Win rate: 45.3%

The bionic Swede has the second-lowest win rate of any Valorant agent, with other initiators like Sova and Skye finding much more success. If you’re looking to climb with him, you’ll likely find most success on Bind, where his superb ability to clear corners has landed him an impressive 55.6% win rate.


10. Brimstone

  • Pick rate: 12.7%
  • Win rate: 53.1%

Valorant’s American Controller received major buffs in patch, and he hasn’t looked back since. Boasting the highest win rate in the game, Brimstone could well be the best Agent to work towards mastering right now.

9. Phoenix

  • Pick rate: 13.0%
  • Win rate: 51.5%

The English Duelist provides a perfect combination of dueling power and utility, optimal for leading your team onto sites.  His flashes take a lot of practice to master, but the potential payoff is huge.

8. Cypher

  • Pick rate: 15.3%
  • Win rate: 47.7%

Despite no longer being able to impact games from the dead, Cypher remains a relatively popular pick. However, with a slightly below-par win rate, the Moroccan spy might need a bit of TLC in future patches if that is to remain the case.


7. Killjoy

  • Pick rate: 22.0%
  • Win rate: 49.8%

Killjoy possesses an almost unrivaled ability to lock down sites and obstruct enemy flanks. Her win and pick rates are neither too high nor too low, too: the German Sentinel really has hit the sweet spot in the Valorant meta.

6. Sova

  • Pick rate: 22.6%
  • Win rate: 51.5%

In the right hands, Sova can be lethal. Mastering his lineups is the key difference between a good Sova and a great one, with his unparalleled utility making him one of Valorant’s highest-performing Agents.

5. Raze

  • Pick rate: 27.8%
  • Win rate: 51.3%

Raze is probably the most irritating Agent to play against. Every single one of her abilities can slaughter an opponent, with her satchels opening up innovative ways of getting into opponents’ faces.

Statistically speaking, however, she’s in a very healthy spot.

4. Omen

  • Pick rate: 32.4%
  • Win rate: 50.1%

Omen is the perfect agent for anyone looking to create pure chaos on the map. The Controller’s win rate remains largely the same across all maps, too, making him a consistent option if you’re looking for someone to master.


  • Pick rate: 32.5%
  • Win rate: 51.3%

Despite receiving nerf after nerf, Sage remains strong as ever. Anyone with a more supportive streak should definitely look at using the Chinese Sentinel to climb the ladder to the very top.

2. Reyna

  • Pick rate: 33.3%
  • Win rate: 50.4%

Reyna is a pure Duelist. Her ability to overheal makes her extremely powerful in early rounds of the match, and she is widely regarded as the perfect carry Agent at lower levels.

1. Jett

  • Pick rate: 45.6%
  • Win rate: 50.3%

Probably the flashiest Agent in Valorant, Jett is also by far the most popular. If you’re an aggressive player looking to singlehandedly carry your team to victory, Jett could be the duelist you need to play to climb to the top.

These stats are really important to Riot when it comes to balancing agents, as they give a good indication of the game’s health. How they will change the game in coming patches remains to be seen, but you can bet your house on Yoru getting a buff or two.