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How Wardell mastered Jett in Valorant

Published: 30/Mar/2021 17:30 Updated: 31/Mar/2021 11:23

by Ava Thompson-Powell



Matthew ‘Wardell’ Yu was one of the first Counter-Strike players to make the switch to Valorant. There, everyone got a sight of what he’s truly capable of when he permanently dropped the AWP for an OP. This was the moment when he was able to improve his already unreal CSGO movement with Jett.

The star wasn’t long into his Valorant tenure before he realized the combination of Jett & the Operator was one of the game’s strongest pairings, with an insane 88% pick rate and 75% win rate. Though it’s not just Jett that Wardell’s superior with, the Agent is certainly his specialty.


The star quickly became feared within the scene, and his plays undoubtedly speak for themselves. His incredible game sense and movement make Jett’s arsenal a deadly weapon in any round. Spending so much time in the early days of the scene playing the Agent, his whole playstyle now centers around the South Korean Duelist.

With quick thinking, he’s able to take himself out of sticky situations in a pinch. With a 1.51 k/d ratio, a 153.8 ADR, and a 256 ACS, these stats are just averages for the player across 168 maps.

Able to string together Updrafts and Tailwinds with incredible ease alongside on-point Cloud Bursts, he has undoubtedly mastered the Agent better than any other player in the world.


His hyper-aggressive sniping has arguably defined one of the most common playstyles in the Valorant scene. People used to play incredibly defensively, challenging the thinking that Sage was the player to hold the big gun, especially in North America. His skill with Jett is undeniable.

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