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How to use the Spectre: Valorant weapon guide

Published: 24/Dec/2020 4:30 Updated: 24/Dec/2020 4:35

by Brad Norton


If you prefer to take your gunfights from a closer range, Valorant’s Spectre is one of the best weapons you can grab. We’ve broken down the SMG so you can get the edge in your next match.

From snipers to shotguns, all 17 weapons in Valorant offer a wide array of gameplay opportunities, allowing you to play to your strengths in each round. 

If you have a tendency to play aggressively, flank constantly, or you’re just looking to half-buy, the Spectre is a fantastic option. Here’s every little detail about the powerful SMG, so that you can master it in no time.


What is the Spectre?

The Spectre is one of two SMG-type weapons in Valorant. Priced at 1,600 Creds, the Spectre offers a fast-firing, fully-automatic gun that is 1,300 creds cheaper than the two fully-automatic rifles in Valorant.

Designed for rapid sprays at a close range, the Spectre won’t be getting you cross-map eliminations anytime soon. But, if you’re able to flank around an enemy and get the first shots in, one spray from this SMG will likely close out the fight.

Spectre’s damage stats

The Spectre won’t be instantly ‘dinking’ enemies, though a close-range burst could see some rapid eliminations. Each shot from up close will deal 78 damage to the head. With a fire rate of 13.33 rounds per second (when you’re not aiming down sight), one quick spray to the dome can easily wipe out your opposition. 


With 30 rounds in each magazine, pick your bursts well as you’ll typically need to reload between each engagement. Spraying from afar is a surefire way to reduce your ammo count as damage drops off beyond 20 meters. Unless you’re firing in short bursts, getting up close is usually the best option.

Fortunately, the Spectre comes with an alternate method of fire to help control the recoil at a distance. Aiming down the sights will give you a slight zoom (1.15x), though the real benefit is in the “slight spread reduction.” The only real downside here is that aiming will drop the weapon’s fire rate to 12 rounds per second.


Spectre’s spray pattern

The Spectre has a rather unique spray pattern in Valorant. After the first handful of bullets, your reticle will be sent upwards rather dramatically. About 10 bullets into a spray and you’ll reach the maximum height of the recoil. However, the spray pattern doesn’t end here.

Your weapon will dip slightly to the right for a bullet or two, then snap sharply to the left. Continuing to fire here will see the Spectre alternating from left to right at intervals that can be near impossible to nail down.  At times the Spectre will stick to the left for half a second before returning. Other times it can veer left and almost instantly return back to the right.


One of the best ways to help control your spread is to simply lower your reticle mid-burst. Aiming for the head initially, then lowering to the mid-torso will see your bullets continue to deal maximum headshot damage throughout the spray.

When to buy the Spectre

At only 1,600 Creds, the Spectre is a reasonably affordable weapon… One that can be purchased until your economy is comfortable enough to support full-buy rounds with Rifles and Snipers aplenty.

If you’re looking for an eco-round, you’re still going to want a cheaper option most of the time. If you’re able to half-buy though, the Spectre is a fantastic choice. It makes a great second-round pickup if you’re looking to capitalise on a pistol-round win.


For Attacking teams, it allows you to get up close and catch enemies by surprise. For Defending teams, it can be a great way to find a few picks and stunt momentum without needing to dole out for a Vandal or Phantom.

It’s especially strong on close-quarters maps like Haven, but its weakness from long-range makes it slightly less viable on maps like Ascent. If you’re dueling with a Marshal or Guardian from long range, it’s probably not a duel you’ll win, At close-range, however, the advantage flips.

Best Agent to use the Spectre

While the Spectre is a well-rounded weapon in all manner of scenarios, it can be best utilized by aggressive Agents. If you’re flanking as Phoenix or Reyna, you’re going to want a weapon that can quickly spray down a few targets.

Omen is another agent who can make good use of the Spectre. Teleporting behind an enemy or baiting opponents into your smoke with a Spectre in hand allows opposition agents to be easily gunned down. Rather than a shotgun or a sidearm, the Spectre is one of the better options in Valorant.

Conversely, if you plan on bunkering down on a particular site with Brim’s smokes or Viper’s poison, the Spectre can come in handy there as well. As enemies push through your utility, it can be an effective tool to line up some mid-range shots.

Spectre tactics

The main thing to remember when using the Spectre is that it’s not a Rifle. While you can spray transfer to multiple targets, and occasionally find miracle picks from afar, it’s best used up close. Getting the jump on enemies could see them wiped out before they’re even able to turn and react.

Short bursts are where the weapon shines so try to equip one if you plan on flanking and being a pain in the enemy backline. Don’t pick the Spectre if you intend on holding a long sight-line for an entire round.