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Dr Disrespect thinks Valorant will be the big esports game of the future

Published: 6/Mar/2021 23:22

by Julian Young


In the midst of Valorant’s Twitch Rivals and Champions Tour Stage 1 tournaments, the Two-Time World Champion and gaming superstar Dr Disrespect has chimed in on why he thinks Riot’s competitive FPS is poised to be the esport of the future.

Valorant — Riot Games’ breakout competitive FPS title — took the gaming world by storm from the moment it was announced. Since release, the character-based tactical shooter has remained a dominant force in both content creation and general competition for fans of the genre.

With prominent players from other titles leaving their established positions to try their hand at Riot’s shooter, and numerous content creators grinding Valorant’s ranked mode to reach the coveted Immortal status, the game’s effect on the esports scene remains clear.

The latest in a long series of pro players and content creators to express their high expectations for the game’s future, YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect explained to his fans why he believes Valorant is perfectly positioned to dominate the future of competitive gaming.

Ninja Twitch Valorant Streaming Gameplay
Twitch / Ninja
Other prominent content creators like Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins have praised Valorant’s esports potential since the game’s release.

While conducting his typical pre-game banter with viewers on YouTube on March 5, a donation prompted Dr Disrespect to read a message from one of his fans: “Just go play Valorant Doc, you’ll have more fun than [playing] Warzone.”

The Two-Time was quick to confirm how much he enjoys Riot’s shooter, and said “I love Valorant, I do really like the game.” He then elaborated, “Right now, the way I look at the entire [esports] landscape . . . I think Valorant is kinda the esports game of the future.”

“It’s gonna continue to get big,” Dr Disrespect went on. “People are taking notice, this is where all the hype comes in. There’s just gonna be so much momentum,” he confirmed, referencing the on-going VCT Challengers 3 and upcoming Stage 1 Masters tournaments.

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“Then maybe a new map, I know they just released this new [Agent],” the Doc explained, referring to the release of Astra (Valorant’s 15th playable character). The creator also touched on his high expectations for the game’s next map, something Riot has confirmed they are already working to release.

The biggest challenger to the genre’s premier title — Counter-Strike: Global Offensive — Valorant’s popularity has shown no signs of slowing down. With the game’s first major tournament kicking off on March 8, the hype surrounding Valorant’s competitive scene has never been higher.

It’s clear that Dr Disrespect has high expectations for the future of Valorant esports. Fans should pay close attention to the VCT Stage 1 Masters for a chance to watch the game’s first major LAN tournament and get a taste of what they can expect from top teams in the future.