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Devastating Valorant bug is glitching Yoru players through the map

Published: 19/Jan/2021 6:29

by Brad Norton


Aspiring Yoru mains have uncovered a devastating issue with Valorant’s latest Agent as his Gatecrash ability is shockingly sending players through the map.

Yoru might be all the rage in Valorant’s Episode 2 update, though players have already begun to unravel a number of key issues with the Agent. First up was the fall damage problem. The Valorant community quickly discovered that Yoru is more susceptible to fall damage than first meets the eye.

However, there’s an even more damaging bug relating to his teleport ability. On paper, Yoru should be able to safely relocate to his Gatecrash tether at any point in time. No matter where it’s placed or how far you move from it, you should always be able to teleport back.


That hasn’t quite been the case since the Agent made it to the live servers. In practice, the ability works more often than not. Players have just uncovered a game-breaking issue, however, that makes his teleport a massive risk.

So if you use Yoru’s teleport JUST as it expires, it kills you from VALORANT

Midway through a game on Icebox, Reddit user ‘amcaaa’ sent out their rift at the beginning of a round. After rushing through a dangerous position with their ultimate, they went to recall back and suddenly found themselves falling through the floor.

Without any warning, their Gatecrash ability led them to an untimely death. In what could have been a winnable round, their team was suddenly down a player through no fault of their own.


This particular example led to a good amount of confusion. Did the bug occur due to the positioning of the rift? Or was it more so the fact that the recall was cast right as the ability expired?

Valorant Yoru gameplay
Riot Games
Yoru’s teleport could just be the reason you lose your next round.

The player was convinced it came down to “timing. You can see the orb disappear off the minimap just as the animation plays,” they said. “No orb to [teleport] to may just force me under the map.”

That’s one potential explanation, though others were adamant that the death came due to “[teleporting] out of bounds.”

A similar example from Twitch streamer ‘iSachmanalso left players scratching their heads. The player teleported right at the end of the 20-second Gatecrash window, leading to yet another instant death as they fell through Icebox in identical fashion. This occurred in a different section of the map.


Ultimately, players are split on the cause of the issue but it’s clear Yoru’s teleport is rather problematic. Any use of the ability could randomly lead to your demise if you’re not careful.

Riot is yet to respond to this particular bug. Though with problems piling up for the new Agent, rest assured a patch won’t be too far off.