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Alliance announce full Valorant roster led by Fearoth

Published: 30/Jan/2021 17:00

by Lauren Bergin


After announcing Enzo ‘Fearoth’ Mestari as the In-Game Leader for Alliance Valorant, the organization have announced the rest of their squad. 

A Dota giant has entered the Valorant fray in the form of Alliance. On January 28, the organization announced former Counter-Strike talent Enzo ‘Fearoth’ Mestari as their IGL.

Now they’ve chosen to pull back the curtains and unveil their Valorant team — and it’s brought a few familiar faces back into the spotlight.

luckeRRR: “Everyone is hungry to compete!”

In an exclusive statement, luckeRRR explained to Dexerto how the roster has developed chemistry early on and that they’re hungry to compete. “When I left NiP I had a few offers available. The way the Alliance team was built was very unique — first I was trialed, then I wasn’t for a while and then they came back to me.


“It was an interesting approach and I am glad it worked out the way it did, because I feel like, not only do we have some incredible players, but we have the right mood within the team. We fit together really nicely, everyone is hungry to compete and win championships, and the way BanKs and Fearoth built the team is truly a game-changer in how future rosters can be built.”

“We’ve spent some time on some very interesting compositions and I feel like I am being much more utilized to play to my strengths… I think the community will enjoy what I will be showing in our first official games.


“Getting to play for Alliance is a huge opportunity for all of us. They have a facility that I can’t wait to bootcamp in, an incredible support staff and with BanKs and MitchMan supporting us, we can’t wait to show the world what we got!”

BanKs joins as GM

James 'BanKs' Banks Valorant First Strike
Twitter: BanKsEsports
BanKs has joined Alliance as the General Manager,

Esports host and commentator James ‘BanKs’ Banks joins Alliance as their General Manager, and has helped put together the roster.

We spoke to BanKs about the decision-making process. “We were trialing in private 10 man groups with so many players for quite some time. I tested them by making them play agents they were not comfortable with, weird agent compositions that may have not made sense.”


Through this process, the team “was able to pinpoint a few key players and most importantly our captain and IGL Fearoth.” See BanKs’ full deep-dive into the Alliance roster below.

What’s next for Alliance?

With such a formidable team, Alliance will be gearing up for the Valorant Champions Tour. With Fearoth and luckeRRR looking to prove their worth in a new jersey, taking down the best will be on their minds.

Alliance Valorant roster

Player Former Team Position
Enzo ‘Fearoth’ Mestari Ninjas in Pyjamas Captain/IGL
Thomas ‘kAdavra’ Johner Kalash Duelist
Tautvydas ‘hype’ Paldavicius Sentinel
Niels ‘LuckeRRR’ Jasiek Ninjas in Pyjamas Flasher
Vilius ‘krea6on’ Malinauskas eXile eSports Smoker

Banks on Alliance’s Valorant journey

I got involved in VALORANT since day 1 of the beta, I fell in love with the game, having come from an FPS background since 2003, this game gave me a new way to approach tactical FPS. From playing and streaming it non stop to covering the biggest events in Europe via the ignition series events, I did everything I could to help players find organisations, get noticed and achieve success to watch Europe grow.


Then I got the incredible opportunity to become General Manager of Alliance VALORANT, I didn’t just want to get Europe more support, I wanted to build a championship-winning team and use my experience to do it from the ground up. I didn’t want to rush my approach and I wanted to try something new, some different when building a team.

I know a lot of players and even some fans were not keen on what I did, having open tryouts that anyone could send me their profile and pitch for. Some players just said “I want to trial”, not exactly desirable, some players sent me a resume and showcased me their hunger and motivation to be on a pro team, Darkzone, in particular, was a strong candidate who almost made it to the main team, that many people said why am I even trialing? Well honestly this guy has an incredibly bright future, if he gets picked up by an up and coming team, I am sure he will make it to a pro team one day.


Overall I had a few hundred applications of players from all levels of ability and skill. I didn’t just want to pick the most well-known players or the ones that were meant to be the best. I wanted to see the lay of the land, it is a new game, there could be some future stars that we don’t know of yet. I wanted to find a mix of experienced and lesser-known players who were hungry, motivated and that we could mould into champions with the support system we have in place at Alliance.

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We were trialing in private 10 man groups with so many players for quite some time. I tested them by making them play agents they were not comfortable with, weird agent compositions that may have not made sense. From here I was able to get a good idea of the type of player they were and their personality, if they really had what it took not just in the game but outside of it also because for me VALORANT is so new and as it evolves, some of the current top players won’t last.

Through this, I was able to pinpoint a few key players and most importantly our captain and IGL Fearoth. From here I made sure that myself, Fearoth and Mitch, our analyst, would only pick a player to join Alliance if we ALL agreed on that player being the perfect fit.

The wait has certainly been worth it, we have a dynamic team of individuals that are not one-trick ponies, they are all hungry to win, willing to learn and put their best foot forward, already helping each other and working together in a way that would make you think they have been a team for a few months already.

We will be entering the VALORANT Champions Tour Europe circuit and showing you everything we have been working on. One thing I can promise you is that we are coming for the top, we are coming for trophies and we are in it for the long haul.

I can’t thank Alliance enough for believing in me and my vision for this team, we are ready to make everyone proud and bring the hype in VALORANT for 2021!