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Unbox Therapy is really depressed by the new iPhone XR

Published: 24/Sep/2018 16:06 Updated: 24/Sep/2018 16:14

by Matt Porter


Popular YouTube tech reviewer Lewis Hilsenteger, who runs the Unbox Therapy channel has had his say on the new iPhone XR – and his initial review is less than glowing.

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Unbox Therapy is one of the biggest technology reviewing channels on YouTube, with Hilsenteger’s videos regularly reaching over one million views per video.

Recently, Hilsenteger took Apple to task over the new iPhone XR, and a problem he has with the phone that makes him “a little upset”. 

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The host of Unbox Therapy’s main issue with the iPhone XR is the screen. He shows viewers the iPhone 4 and states that the phone, which released in 2010, has the same 326PPI (Pixels Per Inch) resolution screen as the upcoming iPhone XR. 


“I can’t figure out the reason” stated Hilsenteger, “2010, that’s when Apple was capable of putting this display into a smartphone.”

Hilsenteger went on to discuss that while few people ever mention it, applications like YouTube and Netflix won’t give users on the iPhone XR an option to watch content in 1080P video quality, because the XR’s screen isn’t capable of showing anything over 720P.

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While Hilsenteger admits that there are questions regarding what the human eye can actually see in terms of screen quality, the reviewer states that his main problem is that there is no reason why Apple have not included a better screen in the iPhone XR.


Hilsenteger states that he believes it’s Apple trying to differentiate between the lower budget iPhone XR and the premium XS and XS Max, trying to drive sales towards the higher priced phones.

The iPhone XS and XS Max are currently available to purchase, however the iPhone XR isn’t available for preorder until Friday, October 19.