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Street Fighter V

How SFV’s trash-talking poster boy almost conquered the world

Published: 3/Aug/2020 12:07 Updated: 3/Aug/2020 16:25

by Shane King


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There are a lot of Street Fighter V players who love to trash talk but only one has embraced the heel persona to its full and backed it up in the game – Victor ‘Punk’ Woodley.

Being one of the best SFV players in the world, Punk is heavily renowned for his amazing Karin and Cammy. But after naming himself after former WWE star CM Punk, you best believe he has the mouth to go with his skills.

Woodley has had a meteoric rise over the last few years, getting to finals and winning a couple of tournaments such as Summer Jam 12 and Thunderstruck 2018, but the one that eluded him was Capcom Cu. He finished a lowly 13-16th in 2018, but 2019 was hallmarked to be his year.

2019 Punk was electric, winning eight tournaments in the year prior to the Capcom Cup and he looked unstoppable. But unfortunately in the final, he ended up playing Goliath to iDom’s David story, coming up just short due to iDom’s crazy adaptability. He missed out on what should have been his crowning moment.

This is the story of Punk, The heel that dominated the Street Fighter pro scene to its core, and how he almost conquered the world.