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The Five Most Powerful Weapons in Realm Royale – The Legendary Weapons

Published: 3/Jul/2018 16:07 Updated: 13/Oct/2020 15:25

by Joe O'Brien


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The Legendary class weapons are one of the unique aspects of Realm Royale that differentiate it from other battle royale titles.

Realm Royale uses a class system in which each player selects one of five classes at the beginning of the game, each of which has its own set of potential abilities as well as the possibility of acquiring a particular Legendary weapon.

The Legendary class weapons are the most powerful weapons in the game, and each is unique to its class. Legendary class weapons can only be acquired from the forge, or by killing a player who already holds one, and each class can only use their own class weapon.


That means that of the five strongest weapons in the game, only one will be available to each player, forcing them to make a choice at the start of the game as to what they feel will be most valuable. That choice is balanced by the other elements of each class, but the Legendary weapons are certainly one of the most significant differentiators between each.

The class you choose will determine which is the strongest tool available to you within a match, and each also pushes its wielder towards a particular playstyle. The Legendary weapons aren’t just powerful versions of other weapon types available in the game – each offers something unique, a weapon of a style that cannot be acquired by any other means.


Here’s a look at the Legendary weapon available to each class, and what each has to offer in terms of capabilities and play style.

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Warrior – Throwing Axe

The clue is in the name for the Warrior Legendary, which is simply an infinitely-available Throwing Axe to be thrown at enemies.

Unlike all of the guns in the game, the Throwing Axe doesn’t have to reload at any point, meaning that a Warrior could theoretically throw infinite axes at the maximum rate of fire, which is just less than one per second.

The Throwing Axe deals a maximum of 900 damage, but the damage scales depending on how far the axe flies before hitting its target, meaning that very close-range hits will deal less.


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While the projectile of the axe is large, it’s not hugely fast-moving and is effected by gravity, experiencing a drop-off over distance. As a result, the further you are away from the target, the harder it is likely to be to hit them.

So while the axe is most deadly at range, it’s also trickier to land the further your opponent is from you, which puts a lot of emphasis on the Warrior staying somewhere near the optimal range as often as possible in order to be most effective.

Engineer – Plasma Launcher

The Engineer’s Plasma Launcher is essentially a grenade launcher, dealing 800 damage with a direct hit but also causing splash damage.


Unlike some of the other Legendary weapons, the Plasma Launcher doesn’t have “infinite ammo”, instead using a magazine of six shots that, much like most regular weapons in the game, will need to be reloaded once spent.

The Plasma Launcher is incredibly powerful if you’re holding a defensive position – exactly what the Engineer is designed to do – as it can be devastating up close, or when holding choke points. The large plasma grenades it fires might be slower-moving than other weapons, but it requires less precision than a bullet or an arrow.

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On the flip side, the Plasma Launcher can also be strong at assaulting such positions, able to shoot over or around barriers, through windows and doors, without necessarily needing a direct line of sight on the enemy.


The trade-off, of course, is at long range, with the slow, arcing grenades giving plenty of time for enemies at a distance to dodge. This is very much a weapon that will be best served alongside a longer-range weapon if you want maximum versatility.

Assassin – Sniper Rifle

The Assassin’s sniper has the single highest damage output in the game, a massive 2200 damage on a headshot. Considering that the maximum effective health pool in the game is 2400 – and that requires a full set of Legendary armor in full repair – landing the right shot is going to take down the vast majority of opponents instantly.

While the Sniper Rifle is technically still a projectile weapon – as is every other weapon in the game, except the likes of the sword – it has a very fast projectile speed, meaning that at short to medium distance it almost functions as if it were in fact a hitscan weapon. At longer distances more leading is required.

Given how much damage the Sniper Rifle can deal it naturally has a trade-off, and that’s that it requires reloading after every single shot. This isn’t so much of a problem at range, but if you find yourself caught up close it can be a severe hindrance.

The Assassin’s Legendary is the only scoped weapon in the game, meaning that if your preferred playstyle is to set up at long distance this is your only option.

Mage – Stone Spear

The somewhat deceptively-named Stone Spear is a burst weapon that looks and functions more like a burst rifle than a spear of any kind. The three projectiles in each burst deal 300 damage each, putting it on a par with most other Legendary weapons for maximum damage. It’s a little tougher to land all of that damage than some other weapons, but it can be slightly more forgiving in dealing at least some.

This is arguably the least “unique” Legendary weapon in terms of form, as there does exist a regular Burst Rifle that can be looted, but the Stone Spear does still handle slightly differently.

With a difference in fire rate and projectile speed, the Stone Spear is more of a close-range weapon, requiring rather precise leading of shots to land a full burst at range. It does make it possible, however, to land damage on multiple targets by “spraying” with the burst rather than firing them straight at a single target.

Many consider this to be the weakest of the Legendary weapons, but there’s a good reason for that, which is that the rest of the Mage’s kit can focus more on damage than any other class. The Legendary Fireball ability deals a massive 900 damage, and when used in the combination with that the Stone Spear can be quite devastating.

Hunter – Longbow

If you can hit your shots, the Hunter’s bow might be the most devastating weapon in the game. Dealing 900 damage for a full-charged body-shot and a maximum of 1800 with a headshot, the Longbow is more powerful than all but the Sniper Rifle.

With a fast projectile speed, infinite ammo without needing to reload, and with arrows experiencing no drop while in flight, the Longbow makes for an incredibly versatile and deadly weapon, arguably the strongest choice for the mechanically gifted.

The Longbow comes with a charge-up time that adds an extra layer of decision-making to its use. A full charge takes two seconds, which will deal the maximum damage. It can be fired at a maximum rate of two shots per second, however, with the damage ramping up the longer it is charged.

This means that the best option for Hunters is to work around cover, charging the bow to full for each shot and then peaking out to fire quickly. However, if you find yourself engaged in a close quarter battle, particularly if you know the enemy isn’t at full health, it’s possible to trade off some of that damage for speed.

The versatility of the Longbow means that for Hunters, it really is the ultimate goal in terms of loot. Once acquired, it is viable in almost any situation, and optimal in most.