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ToeJam & Earl tease Smash Ultimate DLC with mock fighter invitation post

Published: 29/Jan/2021 17:08

by Michael Gwilliam


It’s not uncommon to see developers push for their characters to be added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but there was something extra humorous about how Toejam & Earl did it in a Twitter post.

Toejam & Earl are two video game characters from the 90s franchise of the same name. Originally appearing on the Sega Genesis, the game quickly became a hit, spawning two official sequels: Panic on Funkotron and the Xbox-exclusive Mission to Earth. A fourth game, Back in the Groove, was released in 2019 following a Kickstarter campaign.

Given the series’ place in 90s gaming culture, it’s odd that it doesn’t have a place in Smash in any form yet, be it with a Spirit, Mii, Assist Trophy or item. That isn’t stopping the game’s developers from making a push for the duo to make their way to Ultimate, however.


In a January 28 tweet, the official Toejam & Earl Twitter account posted a picture of a Smash Ultimate invitation with the caption “OMG is this what I think it is?!” accompanied by the scream emoji.

In Smash, a common motif for new fighters is that they receive an invitation with the fighting game’s logo as a seal. This is to demonstrate that they’ve been selected to join the roster – something that is extremely sought after.

It also seems like the photo used Nintendo’s own real-life Smash invitations, which can be earned by members of MyNintendo for 400 Platinum Points.


Sadly, the invite ended up being a fake-out and a self-referential joke. As it turns out, inside the envelope was a letter addressed to the duo to discuss their vehicle’s extended warranty – hardly Smash-related in the slightest.

When asked by Walmart Canada (for some reason) if the letter was double-sided, the Toejam & Earl account simply replied: “The other side just had a clown emoji, I guess that means they think we’re really funny!”

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This is hardly the first time a game’s social media accounts have addressed Smash in a joking way. After Steve from Minecraft was revealed, the official Tetris account tweeted a GIF from Dumb & Dumber of Lloyd Christmas saying “so you’re saying there’s a chance.”


Toejam and Earl drive a bus
Could Toejam & Earl ever really make it to Smash?

While there may not be a chance for Toejam & Earl in Fighters Pass Volume 2, it’s always possible they can be included in some capacity in the event of a third pass or even Mii Fighter outfits down the line.

Nonetheless, it’s always nice to see games acknowledge Smash in come capacity, so hopefully, Sakurai and his team can repay the favor.