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Smash Ultimate player pulls off legendary KO with the most humiliating win ever

Published: 20/Jul/2021 20:06

by Michael Gwilliam


Press F to pay respects is easily one of the most famous memes on the internet and despite originating in Call of Duty, Smash Ultimate player Rockman used it to show utmost disrespect to his opponent.

Dominating opponents and styling on them can put a bit of a target on your back, but for some, it can help put your name on the map and that’s exactly what happened during MSM 235.

Smash events are finally returning offline and with these events come ways for players to show what they’re made of in a lagless, ultra-competitive environment.

During Rockman’s match against a Toon Link, the Minecraft Steve player was able to gain a sizable lead, having both a stock advantage and his nemesis at a kill percent.


After landing a couple of heavy attacks that barely failed to KO the Toon Link player, Rockman decided to end things in style, using Steve’s block-building mechanic to literally draw an “F” on the screen.

Following this, he finished his opponent with a forward smash to take the final stock and end the match in a disrespectful and humiliating fashion.

Typing “F” has become an online meme that viewers write when someone dies in real life, a stream goes offline or something negative in general happens.

Rockman wins smash game with steve
The venue popped off after Rockman’s win.

The entire venue went absolutely crazy after witnessing this, standing up and cheering in disbelief. Such a taunt or moment can really only happen while playing as Steve, but the fact Rockman went for it took some serious cajones.


Clips of the match spread throughout the Smash community and the F moment has been viewed nearly 50,000 times as of this posting.

With Smash events finally back, we can’t wait to see what other insane tricks players have up their sleeves.