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Smash Ultimate fans believe new event hints at Geno DLC fighter

Published: 9/Dec/2020 17:31

by Michael Gwilliam


Speculation is running rampant amongst Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans after a recent tournament event announcement may have hinted at Super Mario RPG’s Geno is the next DLC fighter.

Geno has long been one of the most-requested fighters for Nintendo’s flagship fighter and with four slots remaining in the second pass, there is a good chance that he ends up making the cut.

Now, Nintendo has revealed that the upcoming event, which focuses on the theme of mushrooms is titled “Beware of Mushrooms.”

This has caught the attention of many Smash Ultimate fans as Geno’s theme in Super Mario RPG is called “Beware of the Forest Mushrooms.”


Super Mario RPG on SNES
Super Mario RPG’s Geno is a fan-favorite.

It’s also important to note that this event will kick off on Friday, December 11, which is one day after The Game Awards, where some fans believe the next Smash Ultimate DLC fighter will be revealed.

Over on Twitter, players began to discuss how this tournament may be a hint at Geno is Challenger Pack 8.

“I think the event it’s correlated with Geno because of the name and nothing else, also wouldn’t it make more sense if they were both connected to wait for Geno to be released and then have the tournament,” one remarked.

Other users simply posted memes and other images referencing Geno and the possible hint. Some even asked Nintendo not to “give them hope” if this event isn’t connected to the Super Mario RPG character.


Interestingly, however, while the Japanese translation for the event is “Beware of Mushrooms,” as some players discovered, in English, the tournament is listed as “Fungi Fever.”

Fox kicks Falcon
Could we see Geno duking it out with Fox and others soon?

It’s certainly a bit odd for the Japanese and English names for the event to be so different, especially if the goal was to purposefully hint at the next DLC fighter coming to the game.

In any case, Fighters Pass Volume 2 is still scheduled to conclude come December 2021, so even if Geno or Fighter 8 isn’t released this month, there are still four new DLC packs coming in the new year.