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Play as Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf in Smash Ultimate with incredible mod

Published: 13/Nov/2020 17:38 Updated: 13/Nov/2020 18:00

by Michael Gwilliam


In one of the best Super Smash Bros Ultimate mods yet, fans of the Zelda series can finally play as Ganondorf in his Hyrule Warriors form.

Hyrule Warriors isn’t your standard Zelda title, made more in the fashion of the Dynasty Warriors games where players fight large armies. One of the best parts of the game, however, is that you can play as Ganondorf.

Unlike most other forms of the Demon King, the Hyrule Warriors version depicts the antagonist with super-long red hair. His whole look just stands out a bit more than the standard look made popular in Ocarina of Time.


While his moveset evolved from originally just being a heavier, slower clone of Captain Falcon’s, Link’s nemesis hasn’t received much of a visual upgrade since his introduction in Melee.

Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf in Smash Ultimate
Nintendo/Game Banana
Ganondorf gets a nice new look with this mod.

All the way up to Ultimate, Ganondorf hasn’t changed much appearance-wise, which makes the Hyrule Warriors costume such an incredibly welcome addition for his fans.

The mod, created by Fewtch, makes a number of high-quality changes to the fighter’s model. His chest armor is completely changed up from its rather boring brown and black to a much more vibrant purple and gold.

His arm plates are now covered in black and gold. Plus, his hair, as previously mentioned is long and red just like how it is in Hyrule Warriors.


Perhaps the best part of the mod, however, is how its creator went the extra mile and even edited the Final Smash where Ganondorf transforms into Ganon.

The legacy of Hyrule Warriors is still ongoing. The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is releasing on November, 20 and will serve as a prequel to Breath of the Wild.

Beast Ganon in Smash Ultimate
Nintendo/Game Banana
Beast Ganon looks extremely intimidating.

Hopefully, as more of these mods are released, Nintendo finally decides to make costumes as additional DLC content.

Until then, we have these quality fan mods on GameBanana to fill the void.