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Overwatch finally comes to Smash Ultimate with incredible Doomfist mod

Published: 17/Aug/2020 8:17 Updated: 17/Aug/2020 8:23

by Andrew Amos


Smash Ultimate already has its fair share of crossovers, but the Overwatch community isn’t yet represented. Enter this incredible Doomfist mod that brings the Nigerian fighter to life in the fighting game, giving fans the crossover they have so longed for.

Look, saying something is “the most ambitious crossover event in history” has been a little over done. Avengers memes aside, Smash Ultimate would definitely be in consideration for that title.

Taking fan-favorites from titles like Sonic, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, Street Fighter, ARMS, and more, it’s at times seemingly easier to rattle off titles Nintendo hasn’t put a crossover in for in Smash Ultimate.


Captain Falcon in Smash Ultimate
Captain Falcon of F-ZERO fame is one of many franchises represented in Smash.

Overwatch is one of them, however. The Blizzard-developed FPS title is seemingly a pipe dream away from being included into Smash. However, that hasn’t stopped the community from trying to realize their dreams.

Smash modder ‘CashClay’ has created an incredible Doomfist reskin for Smash Ultimate that looks exactly like what Sakurai would have in mind. The Nigerian Talon agent fits perfectly into the brawl-style fighter, getting up close and personal with his opponents.

The mod features his signature uppercut, as well as Doomfist’s Rocket Punch, allowing him to dash across the stage for huge damage. To make this concept as ‘realistic’ as possible in Smash, CashClay modelled his kit off a reskin of Captain Falcon.


Falcon’s kit fits Doomfist perfectly, although if he was actually to make his debut in Smash you’d expect Nintendo to work in his Seismic Slam and potentially his Meteor Strike ultimate as a Final Smash.

This isn’t CashClay’s first rodeo when it comes to Smash mods. They have also created a great reskin of Ninja, using Metal Gear protagonist Snake as a model.

The reception from both sides ⁠— Smash and Overwatch ⁠— has been overwhelmingly positive. While the Overwatch community has commonly always petitioned for poster girl Tracer to get a spot in Smash, Doomfist definitely fits the bill better.


That was the thought of lead developer Jeff Kaplan when he was asked that question back in July in a Reddit AMA, and a stance he’s held steadfast for years.

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However, he did admit Doomfist would be the most logical. “I think a lot of people can immediately see Doomfist gameplay applying to Smash,” he said when asked yet again back in October 2019.

Tracer in Overwatch
Tracer has always been a leading candidate for Overwatch heroes making the crossover to Smash.

This would please lead hero designer Geoff Goodman, who said the Nigerian brawler was created with a healthy dose of fighting game inspiration. “He’s kind of a fighting game hero already! He’s certainly inspired by fighting games.”


With still a handful of DLC characters expected for Smash, there’s still time for Jeff and the rest of the Overwatch team to petition for a hero’s entrance. However, if all else fails, Overwatch fans can still get their fix with this amazing mod.