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Ludwig calls out Smash Melee pro Hax for deleting Leffen ‘evidence’ video

Published: 12/Jun/2021 7:08

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren called out Smash Melee pro Aziz ‘Hax’ Al-Yami for deleting his video about William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte and releasing a new “proper version” with a “higher focus on facts.”

Hax turned the Smash world upside down when he released a 136-page PDF, along with a 2.5 hour YouTube video, explaining how Leffen was creating a “totalitarian regime” within the community.

The situation prompted Leffen to seek legal advice after feeling concerned for his safety, and ultimately drove Beyond the Summit to ban Hax from attending Smash Summit 11 event.

Now, in the latest development of the saga, Hax decided to delete the video and replace it with a new version that “explains [his] concerns… without suffering from the presentational flaws of last week’s video.”


In a subsequent comment, he explained that it was the “proper version” of the video and had a “higher focus on facts and allegations” and “less focus on an unnecessary narrative,” such as the allegations that Leffen is creating a totalitarian regime.

Ludwig, who has roots in the Smash melee scene and served as a commentator for years, responded with a tongue-in-cheek call out.

“Saw you deleted the old video,” he said.  “Seems you’ve joined the press in rewriting history… shame.”

Hax chose to ignore his comments, maintaining that the video is “super important” and urged people who “had issues with [the] previous [one]” to watch it with a “fresh pair of eyes.”


The old video had over 250,000 views before it was taken down by Hax.