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Genius Smash Ultimate trick makes Sephiroth’s Gigaflare totally unstoppable

Published: 4/Jan/2021 13:11

by James Busby


Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth has been wreaking havoc in Smash Ultimate and now one player has found a way to make his Gigaflare even more terrifying. 

Super Smash Bros’ roster is home to plenty of characters from iconic video game franchises, making it one the largest fighting rosters ever created. However, Sakurai’s latest entry has seen Cloud Strife’s archenemy, Sephiroth enter the fray. This battle-hardened Shinra soldier is one of the most powerful fighters in Smash Bros thanks to his incredible damage and overall coverage. 

As a result, many casual and competitive Smash players have been utilizing his devastating moves in online battles to gain a competitive advantage. While Sephiroth’s kit is incredibly strong, his Gigaflare his most potent move. This is especially true now that Nintendo Unity has found a way to deal over 59,000% damage in just one hit. 


How to make Sephiroth’s Gigaflare deal insane damage

Smash Bros.
Gigaflare is one of the most devastating moves in Smash Bros.

Sephiroth Gigaflare was already potent without this technique as the normal version deals 47 damage in just a single hit. However, YouTube channel Nintendo Unity has found a way to increase this damage even further, enabling Sephiroth to deal over 59,000 damage with one Gigaflare hit. 

Here’s how you maximize Sephiroth’s Gigaflare yourself:

  1. Pick the Find Mii Stage as the Dark Emperor increases your damage by 1.78.
  2. Enter Sephiroth’s winged form (take damage). This enables you to deal 1.3 times damage.
  3. Chain reflect two Franklin Badges to increase Gigaflare’s power.
  4. Use the Vince Assist Trophy to triple the damage your opponent will receive. 
  5. Turn on Stale Moves to make your first Gigaflare hit x1.05 harder.

Sephiroth Spirit Team combination

Smash Bros.
You’ll need the perfect Spirit team if you wish to unleash Gigaflare’s true power.

Once you have used the settings above, it’s time to set up the perfect Spirit team. Nintendo Unity uses Hades with the Giant Killer and Metal Killer combination, which gives Sephiroth a 30% power boost thanks to the Trade-Off Attacks skill. The Spirits also must have the Demon fighting style as both of these grant 1.4 damage boosts. 


Once you have equipped these Spirits, you’ll want to use all of the above against an AI Shulk. Shulk will need to be equipped with a level one Papercraft Mario Spirit as it has a disadvantage to Hades, while also proving extremely weak to fire. 

You’ll also need to make Shulk giant with the Mario mushroom and metal with the metal coat item. Doing this will further increase your damage against the Xenoblade protagonist. If that wasn’t enough, Shulk also takes 1.3x damage when he is using his Buster Monado Art. 

This makes him the perfect test dummy for Sephiroth’s most powerful Gigaflare. 


Custom Balance setting changes

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In order to deal as much damage as humanly possible, you’ll also need to change some rules in the options menu. 

  1. Navigate over to the Options menu.
  2. Select the Custom Balance panel. 
  3. Switch Custom Balance to On.
  4. Boost Sephiroth’s power to +3.

Doing the above will increase Sephiroth’s power by a whopping 130%, allowing Gigaflare to unleash its full potential. Once all of the above settings have been adjusted, head on over to the Find Mii Stage and unleash your world-ending Gigaflare. 

While you may not ever be able to pull off this max damage Gigaflare in an actual match, it’s certainly a sight to behold, so be sure to watch Nintendo Unity’s video for an in-depth analysis of this truly devastating move.