When is OfflineTV's Rust server coming back? Server goes down to add new features

When is OfflineTV’s Rust server coming back? Server goes down to add new features

Published: 5/Jan/2021 13:18

by David Purcell


OfflineTV’s Rust server has taken over Twitch in recent times, with some of the platform’s biggest streamers coming together to play, and viewers shouldn’t be worried to see it shut down. It’s coming back soon with some updates. 

Those who tune into the OTV server’s action regularly will know the likes of xQc, Valkyrae, Pokimane, Myth and more have been mainstays.

The action players have been enjoying is about to be shaken up, however, as a new server update is being rolled out. For those wondering how it’s going to look when the dust has settled, we’ve brought together all of the confirmed details for you in once place.


Facepunch Studios
The new OTV Rust server is coming soon.

OfflineTV Rust server return date/time

As confirmed by BaboAbe on Twitter, the original server will be shut down from January 5, and it will be relaunched on Thursday, January 7.

The new server is scheduled to go live at 5pm PST / 12pm AET / 1am GMT / 8pm ET.

The Twitch streamer confirmed that more details will be revealed on his stream, including rules, general information on the servers, and more, in due course.

What’s changing?

Those who have been watching along and like what they’re seeing may be disappointed to know things won’t be the same on January 7, when it returns.

Twitch star Mike ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek confirmed that the OfflineTV crew and Facepunch devs are hoping it will take things to the next level with some new features, so we’ll have to wait and see.


While PVP and RP will still be major points, the server splits means that you might not see some of the same battles. If one becomes more competitive based,  this will likely be the destination for xQc, Myth, Dafran, and others who have been playing this way.

Shroud Rust OfflineTV
xQc / Myth
xQc has cemented his place as one of the main antagonists on the OfflineTV Rust server.

On the other hand, another server could be for the general roleplaying experience. Previously, streamers who wanted to play separate styles were actually together in the same server.

Abe has also confirmed: “We’re not going to have as many people this time around and mainly focus on RP with some incentivized PvP. Rules will be enforced better and there are a lot more custom elements to protect everyone and their experience!”


The changes to the server might not be favored by some viewers, as the original was uber-popular, but only time will tell if it’s an improvement.