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Dafran goes rogue and wipes out campers in OfflineTV’s Rust server

Published: 12/Jan/2021 17:28

by Alex Garton


It’s fair to say that Daniel ‘dafran’ Francesca was not too happy when a set of campers killed him after he left Military Tunnels on Rust. He decided to take matters into his own hands and brutally take out the perpetrators himself.

With OfflineTV’s Abe ‘Baboabe’ Chung opting to create two separate servers, the RP and PVP players have been split up. Of course, with every single player on ‘The Badlands’ server looking to PvP, it hasn’t taken long for it to descend into constant chaos.

One player at the center of the PvP action on ‘The Badlands’ server is popular Twitch streamer dafran. Despite enjoying Rust, it’s obvious he’s getting extremely frustrated with the number of campers on the server.


On his January 11 stream, after being killed by a group of players waiting for him to leave a tunnel, he decided to hunt each of them down in frustration to take his revenge.

Rust player holding weapon
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OfflineTV’s RP server is called ‘The Divide’ and their PVP server is called ‘The Badlands’.

Dafran takes brutal revenge on campers

During his January 11 stream, dafran was taking on Military Tunnels with one of his teammates. After gathering all of the loot, they attempted to leave the tunnel, however, a set of campers were waiting for them. They immediately killed dafran, leaving him no chance to fight back.

After he respawned, he began to voice his frustration about people who wait and camp to kill players, stating “oh my god dude, like what the f**k is that s**t, is that how we’re playing?.”


It was at this point that dafran decided he was going to find the campers and take revenge on them. When he arrived at their location, his friend had talked them down and the campers began apologizing to dafran. Speaking back to them, he made it seem like he was going to forgive them before gunning them down at point-blank range.

His teammate wasn’t too pleased about dafran’s decision to shoot the players, but he insisted that they deserved it by saying that “we’re doing Military Tunnel and they sit like this… we’re not going to take their stuff, but they deserved to die.”


In the end, dafran’s choice to seek revenge made for a great set of stream highlights and acts as a warning for any other future campers waiting outside of Military Tunnels.

First with Symfuhny, and now with a group of campers, dafran is slowly building a reputation for being absolutely ruthless on ‘The Badlands’ server. There’s no doubt that we’ll see him take on another revenge mission in the near future, fingers crossed it’s sooner rather than later.