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New multi-island Rust map revealed for OfflineTV server Season 3

Published: 4/Feb/2021 13:13

by Alex Garton


Abe ‘Baboabe’ Chung, creator and founder of the OfflineTV Rust servers, has revealed the new Season 3 map coming with the reset.

Despite Rust releasing all the way back in 2013, it’s only been in the last two months that the game has reached the peak of popularity. This influx of new players and interest in the game has come off the back of OfflineTV’s dedicated Rust servers.

Nearly all of the biggest streamers on Twitch have played on the servers including shroud, Pokimane, CORPSE, and Ludwig. Now, OfflineTV’s roleplaying server ‘The Divide’ is approaching its third reset, and with it comes a brand new map for streamers to explore.


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OfflineTV’s Rust servers are invite-only, so not everyone can play on them.

New map revealed for OfflineTV Season 3

We’re finally approaching the release of OfflineTV’s Rust server Season 3 and Baboabe has revealed the new map that streamers will be playing on.

It’s fair to say some major changes have been made to ‘The Divide’ server to freshen up the gameplay. For starters, the map is now split up into four different islands which are interconnected by sand dunes and long bridges. On top of this, only the bottom right section of the map is classed as a safe zone, so the PVP area on this map has been increased significantly.

There’s no doubt that the inclusion of bridges between the islands will lead to some hilarious standoff moments between roleplayers. Baboabe’s image of the map on Twitter shows where the bridges will connect the islands:


Despite concerns that OfflineTV’s Season 3 Rust server will struggle to compete with No Pixel 3.0, it’s likely that Twitch personalities looking to stream roleplay content will end up playing both Rust and GTA V.

It’s obvious Baboabe has put in a lot of effort with the new map design to make Season 3 the best server experience yet. Let’s hope the server will continue to remain popular with big streamers and Rust can make it to the top of Twitch once again.

OfflineTV’s Season 3 server update is set to go live on February 4, at 2 PM PST.