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When is Rocket League Season 4? Start date, new cars, and more

Published: 31/Jul/2021 12:27

by Sam Comrie


Season Three of Psyonix’s explosive Rocket League comes to a close on August 10th. After introducing some of cinema’s most iconic vehicles, the tank is ready for a refuel. Here’s everything you need to know about Season Four. 

From the slickness of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 to the time-bending Delorean, Season Three of Rocket League has pleased fans with the reintroduction of cinematic content.

Integrated as bundles via the in-game store, the surprise of Psyonix welcoming back licensed bundles is a welcome addition, but it’s got fans asking, will there be more to come?


Well, with Season Four right around the corner, some details have started to drop, so, here’s what we know so far.

A grey sports car hitting a large ball.
Psyonix, MGM
Iconic James Bond cars have come to the Rocket League arena.

Rocket League Season 4 release date

Season Four of Rocket League is due to start on August 11th.  Whilst this hasn’t been announced officially, it is tradition for a new season to begin the day after the previous one has concluded.

As the in-game counter confirms, Season Three is ending on August 10th and it is a safe bet to assume new content will launch soon after.

Psyonix have been tight-lipped on exactly what Season Four will include. However, they have teased what to expect.


RL Community Update: July 2021 from RocketLeague

What’s changing in Rocket League Season 4?

Fan requested content continues to added, so expect more of that in Season 4. Improved action on banning players and tweaks to the casual/competitive playlists is coming to further improve quality of life going forward, according to the devs.

Following the inclusion of Competitive Tournaments, new additions to the Esports Shop will debut. The RCLS will also see an update as we head into the Fall season. 

The Item Shop will undoubtedly see some new, exciting bundles. It wouldn’t be surprising if more vehicles from cinema history appear in the game. Daniel Craig’s Bond debut, Casino Royale will celebrate its 15 year anniversary this November. The inclusion of the Aston Martin DBS V12 might not be far off the cards.


As we get closer and closer to the new season, we’ll update this post with new information and patch notes.

So, be sure to check back in the coming days and weeks.