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Rocket League Season 5 update: Release date & predictions

Published: 1/Sep/2021 18:53 Updated: 2/Sep/2021 10:14

by Nick Farrell


Since Rocket League has gone free-to-play, developer Psyonix has been rolling out new content for players with each season, and with Season 5 just around the corner, it’s best to get up to speed with everything coming soon!

Rocket League has remained one of the most beloved games over recent years, as the chaotic multiplayer game has risen in popularity as of late. Especially, due to the game going free-to-play back in September of 2020.

With the game now being free for all players regardless of the platform they’re playing on, developers Psyonix also reset the counter on the seasons they were on. With Season 1 beginning last year, we’re now on our way to Season 5.


We’re going to break down all you need to know about the future of Rocket League, and when players will be able to jump into Season 5!

Formula 1 Fan Pack Rocket League
Psyonix / Formula 1
Rocket League has done a stellar job at collaborating with popular brands such as McLaren.

Rocket League Season 5 release date

The anticipation that comes with the release of any new season within gaming is a big one for fans, and Rocket League is no slouch when it comes to new content for fans to dive into.

While we don’t know for certain when the new Rocket League season is going to release, we can pinpoint an estimate based on the duration of previous seasons.

Season 3 was released back on April 7, 2021, and ran over the course of four months, with the current season being available to players beginning on August 11.


Season 4 implemented some new cars for players to check out!

With all this said, expect the fifth season of Rocket League to release sometime during the middle of December, as this would be four months since the premiere of season four!

Predictions – New cars, game modes, more

There’s a lot that could be in store for players with the release of Season 5, as during the last season they implemented a wide array of content.

They added new matchmaking penalties for casual games, along with restrictions to the amount of rank disparity you can have within your parties.

So, keep your eyes peeled for more news in regards to the fifth season of Rocket League in the coming months/weeks.