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Resident Evil Outrage: Everything we know from leaks and rumors

Published: 21/Oct/2021 16:00 Updated: 22/Oct/2021 9:46

by Sam Smith


Rumors of a mysterious new Resident Evil game are swirling around the internet, here’s everything we know about Resident Evil Outrage.

Resident Evil Outrage has not been officially confirmed by Capcom, instead, the game was leaked by Aesthetic Gamer, or Dusk Golem as he’s known on Twitter. What makes this rumor worth listening to is Dusk Golem’s track record, as they originally leaked Resident Evil Village, and were right about almost every detail.

More evidence for the existence of Resident Evil Outrage appeared during the Capcom hack in 2020. This also showed images of Resident Evil Village that turned out to be real. So, we know its findings were legitimate, even if the methods used to find them were not. Capcom has remained tight-lipped about the game so far, but Dusk Golem has continued to drip-feed information about the game.



Rebecca Chambers
Rebecca Chambers is reported to be Resident Evil Outrage’s playable character.

Resident Evil Outrage, release date, and platform

Resident Evil Outrage is reportedly in development for the Nintendo Switch and is due for release in 2022, although nothing concrete has been revealed. While the game’s development behind closed doors at Capcom is likely, fans have no guarantee it will ever be released, as Capcom is yet to formally acknowledge the title’s existence.

According to the original leak from Dusk Golem, the game may be titled Resident Evil Revelations 3. This and Resident Evil Outrage could either be working titles or official titles. The game may even end up being called Resident Evil Revelations 3: Outrage. Dusk Golem was unsure which of these titles Capcom will settle on, if any.


Resident Evil Outrage gameplay details, characters, and lore

Resident Evil Outrage will allegedly star returning character Rebecca Chambers as its protagonist. Rebecca is a survivor of the original Resident Evil and its prequel Resident Evil Zero. The character was last seen in the animated film Resident Evil Vendetta, where she teamed up with Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy to fight off the returning villains from Resident Evil 4.

The story of Resident Evil Outrage is said to involve Rebecca searching for a cure for a virus that infects people with uncontrollable rage. This sounds a lot like the 28 Days Later film, and if true, could mean the game will feature quicker and more aggressive enemies, rather than the shambling undead.


The game is said to be set before Resident Evil Village and will use third-person gameplay similar to the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, as well as 4, 5, 6, and the previous two Revelations titles. These games are usually spin-offs, exploring the lesser-known parts of the Resident Evil universe.

Tokyo gameshow no-show

Resident Evil Outrage was supposedly going to be unveiled at the 2021 Tokyo Game Show although this did not happen. This could mean that the game has been canceled, like the ill-fated Resident Evil Portable, or that Capcom are saving its announcement for another time.

The Resident Evil series has built up a lot of goodwill after the critical and commercial success of Resident Evil Village, so it’s natural for fans to be looking forward to the next chapter. Fans are also eagerly awaiting word on Resident Evil Village DLC and a possible Resident Evil 4 remake.