Streamers 'IHOLDSHIFT' and 'SSLCK' Win KEEMSTAR's $100K Realm Royale Tournament #2 - Recap and Final Placements - Dexerto
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Streamers ‘IHOLDSHIFT’ and ‘SSLCK’ Win KEEMSTAR’s $100K Realm Royale Tournament #2 – Recap and Final Placements

Published: 3/Aug/2018 2:03 Updated: 3/Aug/2018 2:14

by Albert Petrosyan


Streamers ‘IHOLDSHIFT’ and ‘SSLCK’ have won the second running of the KEEMSTAR Realm Royale Thursday tournament on August 2.

The pair secured the whopping $50,000 grand prize as they placed first overall in a competition that featured over 50 participants.

Created by YouTuber Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem and esports company Skillshot Media, the $100K Realm Royale Duos tournament’s scoring format is based on placement and kills across ten different matches. 

Teams receive positive points based on their placement and negative points based on each elimination. The overall scores from each match are then calculated and added up, and the team with the lowest score after the ten matches wins.


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Based on this scoring method, IHOLDSHIFT and ‘SSLCK’ put in a strong performance, winning two matches, finishing in the top-10 five times, and accumulating 42 eliminations.

This added up to a final score of 23 points, which was just good enough to beat the second place team of ‘Mad_Ruski’ and ‘insomgg,’ who finished with 27 points, despite not getting any wins.

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Coming in third place, and securing the $20,000 reward, were teammates ‘bonkar’ and ‘kowa,’ who were at 34 points thanks to one match victory and a tournament-best 45 eliminations.

Last week’s champions ‘Sonii’ and ‘Overpowered’ did participate in this week’s event, but decided not to play together. Sonii finished in fifth place while Overpowered came in eighth. 


Here are the final top-8 placements for this week’s competition, along with the prize-breakdown for the top three.

  • First Place: $50,000
  • Second Place: $30,000
  • Third Place: $20,000