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Ubisoft confirms Rainbow Six Siege cross-play is coming in Year 6

Published: 13/Jun/2021 2:15 Updated: 14/Jun/2021 2:22

by Isaac McIntyre


Ubisoft has confirmed Rainbow Six Siege will finally be getting crossplay in the near future, however it won’t be totally unified. The long-awaited feature will come to PC and cloud-based services on June 30, with Playstation and Xbox players having to wait until early 2022.

The Rainbow Six Siege devs confirmed cross-play is “currently being tested” behind the scenes, locking in a date of June 30 at Ubisoft Forward to start shipping the feature.

Right now, only PC and cloud services Stadia and Luna are on the menu.

PlayStation and Xbox connectivity is going to be added to Siege eventually, but Ubisoft are “wary” of linking console and computer gamers together in a game that requires precise aiming and split-second actions.


A tentative date of early 2022 has been penciled in, but they are still working on key technology to stop mouse and keyboard players.

Both console families already support cross-generational lobbies. The console cross-play will continue to support that, meaning PS4 and PS5 players will be united with Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players.

Rainbow Six Cross-play Cross-progression plans
Cross-play and cross-progression are both finally on their way in Siege.

Ubisoft had been relatively quiet on Rainbow Six Siege cross-play details beyond the fact that they are indeed “testing” the feature for a 2021 release date, but opened up on more details at Ubisoft Forward.

“We’re going to have separate matchmaking pools and cross-play pools. PCs will be on a side with cloud-based platforms, and consoles in the future will be together,” Guillaume Gad, Associate Producer of Rainbow Six explained.


“We’re going to have to be very careful on how we do it because Siege is a live game. It’s like changing the wheels of the car while we are driving on the highway.

“We’re going to have a lot of work to do on the UI, and the tech side to make sure all the different environments we have can merge into one so we can support cross-play.”

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Ubisoft also revealed cross-progression would be making its arrival at the same time. Like cross-play, it’ll come in two phases: PC and cloud-based services will get cross-progression on June 30.


However, all services — PC, console, and everything in between — will be linked starting in early 2022 with the console cross-play launch.

We will update this article as more information arises.