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Rainbow Six Apocalypse event guide: new game mode, skins, more

Published: 4/May/2021 8:08 Updated: 4/May/2021 8:13

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Rainbow Six: Siege is turning post-apocalyptic in its next seasonal event, Apocalypse, which introduces a new limited-time mode, operator outfits, and more. Here are all the details.

Ubisoft is always coming up with new ways to keep Rainbow Six players on their toes, and this time, they’ve outdone themselves in the form of a new seasonal event, Apocalypse. It’s quite different, to say the least, from Rainbow is Magic, their most recent one.

It revolves around a new limited-time mode that pits players against each other on a radically different version of the map Outback after it’s been devastated by a catastrophic nuclear meltdown.


Apocalypse Limited-Time Game Mode

The premise behind the new limited-time game mode is simple. Following the nuclear disaster, water was contaminated, crops were destroyed, and the air was poisoned.

The hope of humanity lies in two clans fighting over the last living plant; The Keepers, who want to use it to help kick-start civilization again, and The Warband, who want it for their own survival.

The Keepers

  • Maestro
  • Melusi
  • Rook
  • Smoke
  • Valkyrie

The Warband

  • Fuze
  • Gridlock
  • Maverick
  • Nomad
  • Twitch

In essence, it’s no different from the standard bomb mode other than the fact the plant replaces the bomb.

However, the attacking team can activate scanner rooms to know whether defenders are inside, while defenders can move the plant hidden inside a container around the map. The moving objective is the real kicker since it drastically changes how the mode plays out.


Rainbow Six Apocalypse Event
The Outback map is set to receive a completely different look in the Apocalypse event.

New skins and cosmetics

It wouldn’t be a Rainbow Six event without the addition of new cosmetics. The Apocalypse event introduces 35 new items ranging from charms and weapon skins to operator headgear and uniforms.

Most of these items can be purchased in the form of Operator Bundles for 1680 R6 Credits. However, players can also fall back on their luck by purchasing Apocalypse Packs for 300 R6 Credits or 12,500 Renown instead.

Rainbow Six Apocalypse Event
The new Apocalypse skins fit into the theme of the event.

When does the Apocalypse event end?

The Rainbow Six Apocalypse starts on May 4 and runs for two weeks until May 18.

That means there’s plenty of time to check it out and get your hands on some of the new skins and cosmetics!