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Summit1g gets instant karma after mocking enemy on PUBG

Published: 14/Jul/2019 12:13

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g‘ Lazar was left completely speechless when karma swooped in and ended one of his PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds matches. 

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The long-time streamer, who is one of the Twitch originals, has been bouncing from game to game since his departure from GTA RP

Summit has dabbled in plenty of titles but gets to show off his skills best in shooters like CS:GO and PUBG. However, while he can dominate opponents at times, that doesn’t stop him from providing hilarious moments of magic during his downfall. 

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Twitch: summit1gSummit has racked up a loyal following on Twitch thanks to his entertainment and skills in-game.

Although considered a skilled player, Lazar has made no secret about his struggles since returning to PUBG, stating that after three days of playing, he was yet to pull off a single win.


During his July 13 stream, Summit had been attempting to make his way towards the safe zone when he came under gunfire from an opposing player. Yet, the streamer acted with utter confidence – wriggling his car around fallen debris to make himself more difficult to hit.

“Ha ha! You didn’t think of this. You ain’t hitting that shit,” summit called out as one enemy drilled his car with shots. However, he was left red in the face only a few seconds later as he was eliminated by a headshot. 

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Of course, the streamer saw the funny side of things as he kept completely silent for a few moments before rolling his eyes and trying to explain his thought process to his viewers.


“I was going to go up the curb, but I didn’t think he was going to be able to shoot that fast so I was waiting a second,” summit told his chat, with a smile on his face – seemingly knowing that he just been struck down by karma.  

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Thankfully for summit, it’s not exactly first hilarious run-in with karma that he has had with his return to the popular battle royale title. 

Only two days earlier, on July 11, the long-time streamer ignored his viewers calls to turn around from danger before being killed as well as running into a bizarre Harry Potter-like flying car – leaving him completely bemused. 


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After grinding out the game for ten hours, it seems clear that summit is enjoying his return to PUBG and might stick around for a little longer yet. 

That should be good news for his fans as he continues to provide hilarious moments during every broadcast – although a win might be nice for once too.