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Shroud slams PUBG, explains what it will take for him to play again

Published: 5/Oct/2018 15:57 Updated: 5/Oct/2018 15:58

by Ross Deason


Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has joined the ever-growing list of streamers that are getting fed up with, or giving up on, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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The former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player has been one of the biggest proponents of PUBG since he stopped competing and switched to streaming full-time.

But even the soft-spoken Canadian has had enough of the game in its current state, as he revealed during a recent Twitch broadcast.

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“I’ll probably play PUBG when there’s a big, serious update. I’ll probably give it a shot,” shroud explained after being asked when he would next be playing it. “I’m talking like, super serious. I’m not talking ranks or whatever.”


The 24-year-old then went on to explain that the game is simply too broken to enjoy at the moment: “After playing PUBG yesterday, it is so broken that I’m just going to wait until hopefully it’s either fixed or some big update, I don’t know.”

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Shroud went on to say that the matchmaking is “all fucked” and “this is the only time I’ve seen the game, in a very long time, not peak over a million.” He did, however, say that he isn’t saying anything bad about the game but the current state of matchmaking is unplayable.


Shroud isn’t the first streamer to express frustration at the current state of PUBG. Summit1g, another big streamer, recently said a very permanent goodbye to the game after playing in a tournament and Dr DisRespect has voiced his grievances on a number of occasions.

With Fortnite currently ruling the roost in the battle royale genre, streamers that don’t enjoy playing the Epic Games title and have also given up on PUBG don’t have many alternative options.

That will change on October 12 with the release of Call of Duty’s new Blackout battle royale mode which went down a storm with the gaming community during its week-long beta last month.