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Shroud calls PUBG’s new ranking system update “useless”

Published: 10/Oct/2018 11:17 Updated: 10/Oct/2018 11:25

by Calum Patterson


Streamer Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is unimpressed by PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s (PUBG) latest update, calling the ranking system “useless” and saying he ‘frankly doesn’t care’ about it.

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Shroud is easily the most well known PUBG player, having made it his game of choice following his retirement from professional CS:GO and move to full time streaming on Twitch.

In fact, he is so revered in PUBG he even has his own weapon skin in the game, but he has recently become noticeably less enthused, and the new update isn’t helping.

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Update #22, released on October 3, mainly introduced the long awaited anti-cheat tools and map selection, as well as a change to the rank system.


It was far from a major change though, ostensibly only adding medals next to your name to signify your rank, plus some minor improvements to the region based matchmaking system. The new matchmaking system specifically has received backlash, as it is negatively affecting ping rate.

As shroud explains, “you already had a ranking, ranking was already a thing, so all they did is put an emblem next to your ranking, that’s literally the only thing that happened.” As for the rest of the update, shroud says “I frankly don’t care.”

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PUBG developers have been making serious efforts to improve the game, especially as it faces increased competition from rival battle royale titles.


Since launching their ‘FIXPUBG’ campaign, reviews of the game have improved slightly, but it isn’t helping to turnaround the continuing decline in player count.

The player count has dropped from over 3 million a day in February to an average of around 1 million. This is still a mightily impressive figure, but the decline is concerning nonetheless, especially with Call of Duty’s Blackout mode anticipated to further dent PUBG’s player base.