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March PUBG update for PS4 and Xbox – night mode, new weapons, full patch notes

Published: 5/Mar/2019 11:07 Updated: 5/Mar/2019 11:23

by Paul Cot


The previously delayed PUBG update for the PS4 and Xbox is available to download now. Update #2 (PS4) and update #5 (Xbox) fixes an array of bugs, optimizes performance, changes gameplay and adds new features.

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PUBG Xbox PS4 update finally here

The first major update since the release of Vikendi was scheduled for the end of February. However, due to the complexity of some of the outstanding issues, it was pushed back until March.

Bluehole wasted little time this time around, by announcing the update that would take place just a few hours later. Here is what update #2 and update #5 brings.

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Vikendi night mode

Night mode, specifically for the PUBG snow map, was teased all the way back in the initial Vikendi trailer. Consequently, PUBG fans knew it was just a matter of time before it got released.


In an open setting such as Vikendi, having a pure night mode wouldn’t be possible as seeing enemies would be near on impossible. However, Bluehole have worked around this by enhancing the moonlight, and aurora borealis, to give the appearance of night, while still being able to see enemies clearly.

The night mode in Vikendi is a first for PUBG…
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New weapon – Bizon

If PUBG does one thing well, it is variety. PUBG can boast more maps than other battle royale and can also boast a lot of weapon choices.

The latest weapon to be added, to Erangel and Vikendi only, is the Bizon. It is a SMG that uses 9mm ammunition and can only take muzzle and sight attachments.


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Canted sight

Another new addition this March update brings is a canted sight. This had also been teased earlier this year.

For compatible weapons, which are listed in the full patch notes below, a secondary scope slot has been added. With two scopes attached, you can now switch between them. This will of course increases the feasibility of playing with just one gun (should you choose to). For example the M4 with a red dot and 4x sight can now be effective at both short and long range.

The new canted sight feature in PUBG…
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Full patch notes March

Maintenance Schedule
Start: March 4 11PM PST / March 5 8AM CET
End: March 5 3AM PST / 12PM CET


New Weapon: Bizon

  • Added new SMG weapon – the Bizon
    • Bizon is an SMG exclusive to Vikendi and Erangel
    • Uses 9mm ammunition and holds 53 rounds by default
    • Can only take muzzle and sight attachments
      • Does not take grips or magazines

New Attachment: Canted Sight

  • Added Canted Sight as a new attachment
  • Canted Sight is a new scope for weapons with a secondary scope slot
  • Pressing [‘Square button’] while ADS toggles between equipped sights
  • Canted Sight can be used with
    • AR – Beryl M762, AKM, AUG, M416, Mutant, QBZ, SCAR-L, G36C
    • DMR – SLR, Mini14, Mk14, QBU, SKS
    • SR – AWM, M24, Kar98k
    • SMG – UMP, Vector, Bizon
    • Shotgun – S12K
    • LMG – M249
  • With the Canted Sight update, the weapon’s position and view of angle might feel slightly different than before while in ADS. However, any features which might affect gunplay, such as scope’s position in ADS, FOV, and recoil, were not changed.
  • Interactions such as picking up an item, getting into a vehicle, opening a door will now be disabled while in ADS.


  • We have decreased the damage transferred to helmets and vests
    • This means your armor can sustain more damage before being destroyed
    • Damage given to the player will remain the same
    • The previous damage calculation used to transfer 100% of damage to the armor durability
  • Modified the damage system of throwable weapons
    • Damage and effects are now applied correctly to players hiding behind very small obstacles such as a thin poles
  • Trajectory guideline is now shown properly until the throwable weapon leaves a player’s hand
  • Reduced the delay when opening a parachute
    • This will make players able to change directions much earlier
  • Vikendi – Bluezone Modifications
    • Bluezone will be generated further away from the center
    • Damage of the last zone has been increased
  • Vikendi – Item spawns have been modified
    • Decreased the number of SMGs and increased the number of ARs
    • Reduced the number of LV3 helmets and vests
  • Fixed an issue where doors could sometimes be opened from an unreachable distance in TPP mode
    • Doors will now only be opened when in reachable distance


  • Added new weather setting on Vikendi
    • Moonlight: Although the setting is at night, the big glowing super moon and bright aurora borealis will help you to detect enemies


  • Improved UI widget visibility, which is located on the bottom center of the game screen
  • Added additional game options
    • Added an option to set default firing mode for weapons
    • Added a keybind for (Press [‘A button’] while ADS) Canted Sight, a new attachment
    • Added a keybind (Hold [left arrow Button] while at default state) to inspect your weapon
  • Message will pop up when your Survival Title promotes
  • Improved visibility of the white circle on the minimap


  • Improved performance by adjusting the number of visible footsteps within certain radius of a character
  • Improved performance by increasing the size of the texture streaming pool to cache in memory
  • Optimized Kill Feed messages and Gamepad Guide UI by lowering the average game thread usage time to reduce hitches

Skin & Items

  • Item grades for event items have been adjusted so they have a more appropriate value
    • Item settings have been changed so they can be exchanged for the appropriate amount of BP according to their grade
  • Joker and Harley Quinn Skins will be removed from the store on March 6, 11:59PM PST / 8:59AM CET.
  • The store item list will be updated on March 12.
    • Every item except crates and the Road Warrior Helmet will be removed from the store.
    • A new crate and new cosmetic items will be available for purchase. More information on this will be provided closer to March 12.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a character could enter certain locations on Vikendi
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon’s image in the inventory was incorrectly displayed when certain parts were equipped
  • Fixed an issue where the drop mesh of Level 3 helmet skin was displayed as drop mesh of Level 2 helmet skin
    • When helmet with level 3 helmet skin was dropped on the ground, it was shown as level 2 helmet skin
  • Fixed an issue where glasses were not displayed while wearing Wool Scarf (Brown)
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon would sometimes not be equipped when you switch your weapon as soon as a throwable weapon is thrown
  • Fixed an issue when changing the throwable weapon with big ping delay, the other players would not see your weapon switch
  • Fixed an issue where a character would sometimes unarm when changing the weapon
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon you are holding would sometimes be shown behind the back to the other players
  • Fixed an issue where your character would appear facing the incorrect direction when rotating your character at a slope
  • Fixed the issue of only changing the POV of third person when pressing [R1 button] while moving the screen
  • Fixed an issue where you could occasionally hear a footstep when the UZI was empty
  • Fixed an issue where care packages would sometimes dig into the ground and before coming back up when landing
  • Fixed an issue with vehicle locations sometimes being shown differently
  • Fixed an issue where a teammate’s UI was still being shown even if they left the game before the match started
  • Fixed an issue where the kill feed would sometimes not show properly when a player was downed/killed by fists
  • Fixed an issue where a character would sometimes not use health items if the key is pressed during melee attacks
  • Fixed an issue where the nickname and report message was sometimes not showing when spectating a player driving a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where the motorbike engine would sometimes not turn off after the player has left the vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where a character was sometimes not able to loot even though they had the space to
  • Fixed an issue where the scooter would sometimes shake severely when in spectator/deathcam/replay
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s character would sometimes not receive damage when the character left a vehicle at the right moment while crashing onto an object
  • Fixed an issue where you’d sometimes see a flickering afterimage when coming out of ADS mode with a scope attached in FPP
  • Fixed an issue where a vehicle would sometimes disappear when a player exits the client and re-enters the game while in the vehicle
  • Fixed an issue where characters would sometimes have an excessive amount of instantaneous velocity when a character and vehicle collide with each other
  • Fixed an issue where the lobby screen would sometimes overlap each other when in low FPS
  • Fixed an issue where the weapons UI would sometimes overlap if you promptly change weapons twice
  • Fixed an issue where the marker would sometimes not be removed using [Square button] in Spectate mode
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the rear wheel of the motorbike to lift up easily and flip over when lowering speed and changing direction
  • Fixed an issue that footprints would not be displayed when you jump and move on the snowfield in Vikendi
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could get stuck on a certain structure in Erangel
  • Fixed an issue where boulders in a specific area could not be seen from far distances on Erangel
  • Fixed an issue where bullets only went through one side of the fence on a certain bridge in Sanhok
  • Fixed an issue where objects in a certain location on Sanhok were missing
  • Fixed an issue where characters could pass through or get stuck in a certain structure in Sanhok
  • Fixed an issue where characters could pass through the ground in a certain location in Sanhok
  • Fixed an issue where characters could not get up when close to a specific boulder in Sanhok
  • Fixed an issue where characters could go through or get stuck in a certain location in Vikendi
  • Fixed an issue where bullets would not go through a certain fence in Vikendi
  • Fixed an issue where items could not be picked up from a specific location in Vikendi
  • Fixed an issue where characters could open doors from behind the wall of a certain structure in Vikendi
  • Fixed an issue where foliage in certain areas would look like they are floating in Vikendi
  • ‘AS’ server name has been changed to ‘AS/OC’
    • This fix does not merge or change the current servers – the server name was mistyped.
  • Fixed issues related to Survivor Pass: Vikendi
    • Fixed an issue where the lock icon was displayed incorrectly under the Challenge tab
    • Fixed an issue where the instruction UI on the coupon shop was difficult to find
  • Fixed an issue where the Dacia would sometimes take severe damage and explode when driving and colliding with floating houses
  • Fixed an issue where the UI of an altitude indicator was not functioning when parachuting in the Training Mode
  • Fixed an issue where the message doesn’t pop up when buying a BP item with insufficient BP
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game sound would sometimes be incorrectly played
  • Fixed an issue where footsteps would be heard when a dead body gets stuck on the door
  • Fixed an issue where the View button was displayed on The Last of Us Ellie’s Backpack under Customization → Gear tab
  • Fixed an issue where a party member would sometimes disappear from the lobby
  • Fixed an issue where Dacia’s speed does not decrease while driving on snow on the Vikendi
  • Fixed an issue where the vehicles sometimes could fly or fall through the floor above certain speed
  • Fixed an issue where buildings would take long time to load in Vikendi